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Reaction from people and there, and then just an example just this weekend yesterday, I came back from Einstein with my parents, we went to hotel faith, east coast, again, west ridge and. Orlands boys. It was a beautiful beautiful hotel. I'd heard a lot of ages in the past and went to visit for the first time. I put up a few photographs a few stories over the weekend. And I got tree friends quest enquiries from friends over just over the few days going Tommy is it worth it is it as good as they say it is. So that's a shows. You exactly like by me putting up my photograph. I've inspired than a few people to kind of think about their next their next trip that they are thinking of taking and that's the immediacy empower of our amazing platform. And the thing is why do people post on Facebook bright travel because people are very very passionate about travel. But there are also posh to kind of find like minded people by putting it out there to your friends and family, of course, they care by you and what you're doing. But actually by putting it either to like minded individuals who are equally interested in passionately by travel. You get a great reaction back. And it's it's unique discoveries that are not in the guidebooks and a unique perspective, and it really just suppose sets the bread crumbs for the next and the next travel journey and the happen for for someone else's next travel journey an interesting interestingly, basically, so. Instagram is about bringing people closer to two people at what people in the things that they love, but interestingly fifty percent of fifty percents people follow non reciprocal relationships in on Facebook or Instagram. So what does that mean, it means that people are interested in hearing from others are about to score remote? They actually want to be inspires, and and in that discovery mode from people who they are national enough friends, which are not related to. So just to talk the Instagram this two ways to discover on Instagram. So the speech, which we all know it's been around for a long time and more recently as Marcus said is stories, which is those Boba is on the top right on store, but they they open up into very mirth of video or image content that really kind of brings people in and there are a lot more casual in their approach. So it's a lot more media's they disappear after twenty four hours. So they're just more kind of storytelling in the moment. But the other thing that's having the fees stories of grace. But what what it does is. It opens up our appetite for adventure. And here's some images that have shown open feet or the last while I've literally put that in the wishlist, or, you know, put put US Bank for another day. But if the larger image there. A colleague from work who's his parents have in the west of Orlando posted this beautiful photograph gland, low abbey in Connemara. My sister lives in go away on straight away. It was just like I most go visit my sister..

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