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The the russians take on this was essentially the deny that anything to do with it and that trump is the uh you know the explanation now the president people say that neil trump doesn't believe putin when he he says that he wasn't involved in the hacking but you know part of the basis for trump saying with let's move on is that there a good surin sir agreed to disagree that they're never going to be able to get trump or russia to admit that they they did this hacking or involved in you know therefore there's nothing nothing more to be done but the pope who care about this particularly in congress who are said about the cyber security unit want to be some kind of punishment for they want to be some kind of reaction and um response from the us if nothing else to discourage rusher from doing this again right exactly i think san siro stadium i could stay with us on this time marquee cats infrastructure reporter at bloomberg news joining us some are beer in columbus ohio you're listening to the radio sir when you send in washington to realize eat start with the latest dunham washington were president trump's eldest son now says he is happy to pass on what he knows to the senate intelligence committee donald trump jr said so in a tweet after a top republican on that panel susan collins of maine said the president son should be questioned about his meeting last year with russian lawyer who claimed to have information about hillary clinton's bloomberg white house reporter shannon petty p says the meeting like that could run up against campaignfinance laws that prevent donations from foreign nationals debated whether that happened here whether this was knowingly accepting information whether came out of the blue whether they even knew they were meeting with russian national when this meeting with there's a lot of things we don't now white house spokeswoman sarah sanders says the only inappropriate thing about the meeting is people leaking details about it president trump is assembled some big names to be part of his american technology council including amazon's jeff peso sent pay pal cofounder peter thiel the goal of this panelist help central technology run more like it does in.

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