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Komo weather, art Sanders. Good evening. Mostly cloudy tonight rain likely after midnight lows in the thirties. Tomorrow, mostly cloudy, chance of rain in the morning. Upper forties, Sunday, cloudy, chance of rain in the morning and rain at times by after noon, upper forties. Monday through Wednesday next week, rain showers. Highs upper forties Thursday, mostly cloudy, a chance of rain highs near fifty rain likely Friday, mid forties, overnight lows in the thirty s that's your latest weather from the KOMO forecast team time now for lifebeat with komo's marina Rockinger in partnership with IRA g physical and hand therapy severe cramping in your hips, thighs or calves leg, numbness, or weakness, really cold feet. These are a few signs of peripheral arterial disease or PHD, which is a hardening of arteries vascular surgeon. Dr Carlos Pineda of the polyclinic explains. What causes it this is due to the formation of plaque L plaque is formed of cholesterol and also fatty deposits that over time can cause narrowings and blockages. If you have these symptoms. See your doctor talked to them about your medical history. Then you'll need a physical exam that explores your vascular system, you look at their feet. You look at their color. You feel for warmth. You feel for pulses? No, pulses guess what there's got to be a blockage somewhere. And then you kind of direct your imaging studies based on what you find. Then patients are advised to make some changes. We cancel our patients to stop smoking. If they do prescribe nicotine patches, gum the medications all that stuff. Make sure that their diabetes is well controlled that they're taking their blood pressure medicine, increasing activity watching their diet, in some cases, vascular surgery is warranted..

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