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September 20th through the 24th at two PM here on Houston Public Media News, 88 7. BBC News, the head of the U. N nuclear watchdog, the E. A, says the agency has agreed a deal with Iran to continue the surveillance of some of its nuclear facilities. Speaking on his return from talks in Tehran, Rafael Grossi said the agreement would give space for diplomacy so that why does solutions could be reached, But he'll allows international monitors to service the cameras that gather data at the sites. Pope Francis is in Slovakia after telling Roman Catholics in Hungary that he wanted them to be open towards humanity. This was widely interpreted as a riposte to the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, who said he employed the pope not to let Christian hungry perish under a Muslim influx. Mexico's Roman Catholic Church has criticized to recent rulings that paved the way for the legislation of abortion. You know. Weekly editorial article, the church said the Supreme Court had favored death over life. One of the leaders of Nicaragua's exile community in Costa Rica has been shot and wounded by gunmen as he organized a demonstration against the government of President Daniel Ortega. Police say Shall Maldonado was attacked near the capital San Jose Israel's foreign minister has unveiled plans to improve life for Palestinians in Gaza on condition that Hamas militants stopped their attacks against Israel. Lapid said the impoverished territory of two million people will get an infrastructure upgrade, including repairs to the electricity network. A new national stadium has been opened in Cambodia, built with a gift of $150 million from China Stadium will be the main venue at the Southeast Asian Games in two years time. In the South African president has announced the easing of some restrictions in place to curb the spread of coronavirus, Cyril Ramaphosa said due to a decline in infections and overnight curfew would be shortened BBC news Welcome back. The UK government announced a new tax rise this week to help meet the costs of caring for the elderly and major issue. For many countries. Japan has the world's fastest aging population, so Doesn't experience provide a model for others. Mariko Oy reports from Tokyo 27 year old boy Conical is someone who many in Japan would call an elite career woman. A graduate of Japan's most prestigious to university, she holds a high profile job that many envy. But unlike her friends, she goes back to her parents' house every weekend instead of hanging out with them because she needs to help look after her father, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and dementia 10 years ago. From the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed. He needs our help from walking, getting changed, brushing teeth washing face eating until he goes to daycare. When I was at university, he got fired because of his illness, So we felt insecure financially. But I also wanted to enjoy my university life. I was so worried about the future. But I didn't feel comfortable telling anybody that was really tough. According to the Japanese government, 5 to 6% of high school students look after a family member in Japan. And loneliness is an issue. Many of them highlight feeling ashamed not wanting to be a downer at a social gathering, and the society's understanding is still very much lacking. Miller told me that she's only managed to accept the reality about her dad's illness in the past year. And the reason she goes him every weekend is because she's more worried about her mother during the week. My mom is looking after him. She takes all the responsibility. She gets lonely and her mental health gets affected. Which isn't good for my dad, either. In Japan, everyone over the age of 40 contributes to their care so his father could go to daycare. But his family thinks he's better looked after at home to see them all so good. My dad is covered by the nursing care entrance so he can go to daycare every day. We're thankful, but the system doesn't offer financial support to caregivers. We received the actual items like diapers, which helps us indirectly but because we don't get money directly. My mom had to work full time until 1.5 years ago. If she could have stayed at home and looked after him full time a lot sooner. I feel his conditions wouldn't have worsened as quickly. Base get you wanna is from Mitsubishi, you FJ research and consulting Japanese system is a social insurance model 50% of the fund. Comes from the tax, but remaining 50% comes from the members. Our system for the local government is quite difficult to control the cost and expenditure, but it's quite a general system for elderly people. Is it sustainable? In your view, The more bigger problem is workforce. If you look at remote villages, I mean, it's hardly possible to get enough. Walk Force for the long term care race. Okay? You wanna ending that report from Tokyo by the BBC's Mariko Oy. You're listening to the BBC World Service. This is news hour coming to you live from London with James. Tomorrow, Sammy. Saturday was a somber day of reflection and remembrance in the United States has ceremonies took place to mark the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks. Nearly 3000 people died in New York when two planes struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center. But the remains of more than 1000 of the victims have not been identified, at least not yet. Because two decades on, scientists are still examining body parts recovered from ground zero. In the hope of putting names to remains. I've been hearing more about that work and the reason for it from Barbara Sampson, the chief medical examiner of New York City, we made a commitment back in 2000 and one to the families..

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