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Center, here's Rebecca Missouri's. We'll starting off in New Jersey on the Garden State Parkway. There is a wreck is heading southbound just north of Bergen toll plaza in Saddlebrook the right lane. There is blocked, and here's what we sailing islands. Big three nice and clear on the southern state Parkway in the northern state, no issues on the southbound van wick still a very heavy writer all-star right by union turnpike with a stall these delays back towards jewel avenue. And then on the BQ we heading westbound stop and go now by Williamsburg bridge, heading towards flushing avenue due to a crash then farther west slammed from the Brooklyn Bridge heading towards the prospect expressway, here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels the Brooklyn Bridge heading outbound moving very slow in the span in Ben Williamsburg bridge. Stop and go and very heavy then on Delancey the George right now. No. Problems there just like the Lincoln tunnel. Inbound Holland tunnel, that's nice and quiet, but outbound seeing a five to ten minute delay. Traffic and transit every ten minutes on the one's and breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen. I'm Rebecca Missouri on ten ten minutes wins news time ten to. News. No. Wins. A grim discovery in northern California where the camp fire has become the third deadliest in state history. Corresponding Chuck Sivertsen report, California's Butte county sheriff says there are fourteen more deaths from the camp wildfire bringing total deaths from that one single fire to at least twenty three so far plus two dead in the Wolsey fire further south bringing.

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