Loyd, Conor Mcgregor, UFC discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show - Hour 1: Live From Vegas, Isiah Thomas


Loyd has because loyd has had a knock out of five years so because he hasn't had a knockout at five years people are looking at him and who would be surprised if floyd went the distance people don't get surprised by that in this day and age we expect that knocked out because we expect conor mcgregor to be targetpractice but we haven't really entertain the possibility of floyd of canopy as somebody that literally could take the punches he just can't do anything about it but he can take the punches floyd has had a going to five years that's why people are not liquid that way i don't think it is is going to be like canoe because i realize there's a lot on the line as for the representation or be a reputation over the ufc and look this could do if conner does not perform and to me that's very very serious considering that john joan just got caught uh four i completely agree with you i completely disagree with you conor mcgregor stature with the ufc is not going to be hurt by this at all not even a little bit you are you've never boxed in your career and you're going up against arguably the bestever whose forty nine at out conor mcgregor his plan would house when he has nothing to lose floyd mayweather has everything to lose everything to lose and i think that that is the situation right to conor mcgregor has nothing to worry about in terms of his reputation.

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