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For the forty two yard line this one is not all that great may be just a half your short this night on the reception for short way makes this stuff I have a feeling it's going to be a match over keep an eye on all day they're going to play him on the slot a bunch with they want to keep away from Jeff uprooted Arnett is gonna be song weighed against hammer one on one in that slot needlessly line here third down for the night he only food right side of the lines join blue for the Kerry first down the second one of his drive doll for Penn state for Clifford is George mentioned earlier dual threat guy you can be too this leads to be is six two two hundred sixty red shirt sophomore from Cincinnati Ohio wait for the seeds of bombers in school posted at the forty three food feeds the handles on the second floor of the pockets that's left this is not a managed at the Ohio state thirty nine yard line great catch their blood Justin shorter his first of the day the offender by Jeff for food miss jali put by Clifford in that pocket book tackles guy got beer on the ads we did a great job of stepping up in the in the pocket in finding shorter over the no the field again I think middle the field is going to be whether look to exploit this defense of Ohio state we're gonna let the clock one down here the in the first quarter is on the board but both teams are huddling up on their respective sidelines we played one full quarter now here in Columbus at Ohio stadium and a huge opening drive for the Buckeyes and then a huge turnover has this in a one score game second ranked Ohio state seven eighth right Penn state nothing near the end of the first this is college football on ESPN radio and ESPN that presented by Dr.

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