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Including some secret loans from the Bridgeport bank in a state that he calls this inadvertent tax preparation errors. He says he's paid the back taxes, repay the loans and question his conscience is clear. And none of this, he says, has anything to do with his public duties? Only hours before the and I became out, Thompson was sitting in judgment of another alderman in a City council hearing on renaming Lakeshore Drive for disable I think if people disagree, I don't necessarily agree with some of my colleagues to accuse him of being racist. Bill Cameron 8 $90 You listening Great news today for the U. S economy thanks to vaccinations, reopening businesses and the stimulus President Biden is now on track for the strongest markets since JFK's 1st 100 days. The biggest indicator of economic activity. The G G DP It grew faster than predicted in the first three months of this year, a whopping 6.4% and that is the biggest increase in growth since Ronald Reagan was in office. So what is fueling this economy? Stimulus spending Sure has helped $100 billion a month in record high bond buying from the feds increased unemployment spending and consumers already to spend again. Richard Quest. Editor at large for CNN business says things are looking very good. The U. S economy is doing so well on people are talking about a boom year that 2021 will be better than most expect. And the Dow today closing up 242 points, NASDAQ Up 31, the S and P, finishing up 28 points. One in four Americans say that the covert vaccine is just not for them. A new poll released by Monmouth University shows 25% of us just say no to being vaccinated President Biden trying to deal with why there is such a hesitancy are people not receiving the right information? Is there a mistrust of the government? Her people afraid of the vaccine and does getting one or not seem to fall along party lines. Rene duress to is a researcher for Stanford University, she says. It's a lot of everything. A lot of our attitudes about vaccination are shaped by the people that are around us. You know who's our social group? What are they saying about it? It's related to the information that we see what media are re consuming what social media communities Arian and arrest adds. It is also about any prior experiences we may have had with vaccinations that could be contributing to the Presidency. Well, Donald Trump's former personal lawyer understands very well what might be in store for Rudy Giuliani, now that federal agents raided his office and home removing what has been described as tons of stuff. Michael Cohen, the now disbarred lawyer and convicted felon still under house arrest, says he thinks Rudy is going to sing to investigators. There is no love lost between him or Donald Trump. Cohen says that he will start talking to Donald becoming president. Rudy didn't like Donald and Donald certainly didn't like Rudy. So do I think Rudy will give up Donald in a heartbeat? Absolutely. He certainly doesn't want to follow my path down into a 36 month sentence for something is innocuous, says a hush money payment. Right to a porn star. Federal agents will continue their long running criminal investigation into Giuliani, acting as an unregistered foreign agent with Ukraine during the Trump administration. Ah, Chicago man is convicted of selling heroin in Iowa in 2018 40 year old Eric D'Angelo Grigg sold to one woman from Waterloo. She died. Griggs was charged and convicted today. Of also using Facebook messenger in a cell phone to get the drugs around the state of Iowa. No Chicago police are warning residents on the North side, There is a trio of armed robbers making their way through neighborhoods. One male suspect will brandish a gun victims then ordered to hand over valuables. One victim would not, and they were shot. Detectives are looking for a light blue Toyota Camry and an older Ford Explorer used as the getaway cars by those three armed bandits. Ws news time 605. Let's check out your traffic. Well, we've had a rough time on the Kennedy Today. Accidents car stalled in the tunnel. Out. Founders created a lot of travel time for O'Hare right now. It is down to 42 minutes headed out found on the Kennedy out to the airport. Inbound just under 40 minutes. If you are on the express planes right now, outbound from Ontario to Montrose there, sipping along 19 minutes on the bike inbound route. 3 92 The old post office 47 minutes 33 minutes inbound from Wolf. Through the old post office Now, Dan Ryan traffic There is a problem right now. There is some police activity going on on the Dan Ryan. It is right around the local lane south on between Garfield Boulevard in the Chicago Skyway. We'll have another update coming your way in just a few minutes. Identity.

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