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Probably. Smoking Sutton it's legal in my state but most of. The last time the US had a, military parade was in one thousand nine hundred ninety one under president, George H W Bush I'm John Lawrence reporting we'll still Call at ten til as. Robert workman covers Friday sports the, dog days of summer here in baseball some teams fighting for playoff spots others playing out the string lots of makeup doubleheaders had another one on Thursday the Mets and Phillies split, their twin Bill. New York won the opener twenty four to four setting a new team record for runs in a game about peace they. Had a grand slam drove in a career best seven runs the salami capita ten Ron New York v Ahmed Rosario and Michael Conforto. Also connected part of a twenty five hit attack in the nightcap Philadelphia. Got even lay winning one at nine two six Reese hot skins hit a three run. Homer in the first that twenty four run game for the Mets broke their old scoring record. Of twenty three runs which was set exactly one. Year before August sixteenth of two, thousand seventeen against the cubs twin statue the Tigers. Fifteen to, eight a Genesis game as it says in. The bible in the big inning three. Runs in the first tremendous Ota five more. In the second when the, Tigers made it close Minnesota came up with a seven-run six Logan Forsythe had a career high five minutes for a Lago. Homered and drove in. For Rangers beat the. Angels eight Six. Trailing five nothing after the top of the first Texas chipped away. Three homers, got him close and then a four run eighth put them in. Front crazy play in this one to a. Triple play in the fourth inning. For the Rangers with the, bases loaded jerks. And pro far fielded David Fletcher's, low liner on the short hop stepped on. Third base for the force, tagged the runner who had stumbled off the bag then through the roof Netto door at. Second who tagged cold Calhoun between first and second for. The last out it was, the, third, five four triple play the. Expansion era and even more rare a triple play without retiring the better the last. Time that happened it was the dodgers turning, the, trick against the reds, the Brooklyn trolley dodgers June third nineteen twelve royals romped over the Blue Jays six to Lucas Duda hit one out Duda Duda among the contenders rocky stopped the Braves five three scoring three hundred runs in the ninth off Brad Brock David. Doll with the tie breaking two run single with two Brock hadn't given up a run in seven. Appearances since coming over from the Orioles at the trade deadline nationals. Net the cardinals five four that, the cards eight game winning streak and the NATs four game slide Bryce Harper three hits three Arbia Diamondbacks drilled the Padres five one another five Ron top The, first David Peralta heat it with a three run Jack clay Buchholz did the rest I complete game five editor raise over the. Yankees three to one in the Cup shut out the pirates nothing John Lester and the testers for the six hitter Ian hap- lifted one out against Yvonne Nova NFL preseason weekend football weekend tune in fact got underway last night with the Redskins diverting the. Jets fifteen to thirteen, Dustin Hopkins fifth field, goal, of the night came as time expired patriots powered past, the eagles thirty-seven twenty a replay or at least a rematch of. Super Bowl fifty two Tom Brady threw a couple of, TD passes Super Bowl MVP Nick foles. Fumbled the ball on a hard hit was returned for a touchdown he had to come out of the game with a strange, shoulder, checked out. Today and the Packers pounded the Steelers, fifty one, thirty four Aaron Rodgers threw one scoring pass to Sean Kaiser at a two more for the pack and Green Bay also had a pair of pick sixes off Pittsburgh, passers preseason, but possibly permanent five more games tonight and in golf at the Wyndham championship in Greensboro North. Carolina brand snicker fired a fifty nine eleven under par just one. Off the, tour record And he did it after. Getting a bogey on the first hole over the last seventeen holes he was, actually twelve hundred it's got a four stroke lead the FedEx Cup playoffs begin next week, and we might just hear his name then to.

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