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Today on something you should know if it's important to be nice to people to be successful than why are there so many successful jerks surprising answer to that is coming up plus what motivates people turns out a lot of things we thursday and we are hungry that the motivation but human beings also have other motivation the drive to do things 'cause they're interesting the drive to do things because they matter the drive to do things because we get better at them also just how important is it to have friends this intel will amaze you and if you hate small talk or have trouble making conversation i can tell you mike how to talk intelligently on anything subject in two words are you ready are you holding onto your faith those two magic words be curious and when you're passionately curious with other people mike they feel so good around you they feel smart they think you're brilliant and you need it enhance your connection all this today on something you should know somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something you should know mike carruthers you know it continues to amaze me how the audience for this podcast just keeps growing this past week was another record week in terms of the number of listeners and within that week we had to record days and it has to be because of you and people like you who not only listen but tell other people to listen because the audience just keeps growing and i am eternally grateful thank you first up today does it pay to be nice do nice guys finish first or deny skies finish last there have been a lot of books and speakers over the last few years talking about the advantages of being nice but there are also a lot of successful jerks i've worked for a couple and i know several the truth is that success may lie somewhere in the middle of being nice and being a jerk at the university of amsterdam researchers have found that semi obnoxious behave.

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