Scott, Property Tax, The House discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Financial crisis citigroup as you may recall back in two thousand eight and two thousand an idol lost a lot of money wayne more money than city clinton used to offset its corporate income taxes in those years so in those cases these massive losses become taxloss carryforwards we'll city shares extended declines and closed down almost one and a half percent after that news doug well let's stay with with the policy debate right now because we have a house and senate lawmakers set did this week to begin reconciling their tax bill ways and means chairman this would be in the house kevin brady saying that the discussions now are on a compromise that would allow individual tax payers to deduct a portion of their state income tax however under one of these plans they would lump that state income tax deduction with the property tax deduction the ladder already capped at ten thousand dollars so at the end of the day paul this might not do very much to ease the pain especially in high tech states and and as you were saying earlier us equities stand the tide after that big selloff we had an asia yesterday as we move into a asian trading day his little bit of insights mark mobius executive chairman at franklin templeton says he's bullish on emerging markets we go see at least twenty percent more growth in emerging modest going forward as we have an surpassed the two thousand seven he kiddo so bad scott happened mobius by the way says the two big risks to financial markets on north korea and global hackers he spoke of.

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