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American horror story. And now you can experience as epic and genre defying music, live, and in person with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and chorus performed Carmina Burana, June twenty-first through the twenty third at the Marcus center, don't let this rare special opportunity, passing by. Call now. For tickets four one four two nine one seventy six oh, five or visit MSN dot org. Sponsored by you path, and Rockwell automation for Meena Borana presents both the sacred and the profane in jaw-dropping, pulse pounding fashion com. Experience Armenian of live MS. Oh. In chorus, June twenty-first through the twenty third at the market center, number again, for tickets is four one four two nine one seventy six five or visit MS dumped four, welcome back to ask hassles. I'm westin. What's your question? Harry tempurpedic. Yes, hassle. This is proud to now feature. A full line of tempurpedic mattresses tempurpedic. You're not alone. There's a reason. It's one of America's most popular mattresses Joe. Why should I buy one for hassle it? Well, our showrooms are one hundred percent free so you won't be hassled by sales, people that we offer free next day delivery. And when you purchase a tempurpedic matches from hassles, we'll give you a three hundred dollar visa gift card. What a free three hundred dollars visa gift card. No sales people. Right. Free next day delivery. Yup. A three hundred dollar visa gift card with you. Got it come on. Now one of those hidden camera TV shows. No, no, you're not. You're going to be famous chap. Tempurpedic hassle style at any of our seven employees, free locations open everyday nine to nine find one near you, or shop online at hassle dot com employee free guaranteed. This week on the Lutheran hour. In a message recorded live in mankato's, Minnesota Lutheran hour speaker, Dr Michael Sigler talks about spiritual renewal and the power of God's word to bring new life to dry bones here. Dr Ziglar message, my spirit makes my people this week on the Lutheran hour. Throwdown. Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ. Expert insight class reporting. You're listening to America's First News this morning with Gordon Deal. Thanks for spending time with us. Welcome into Tuesday, June four Gordon Deal. Jennifer.

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