El Paso, Giants, Buster Posey discussed on CBS Sports Radio


Was setting the world on fire in the minor leagues at el Paso at the time the giants made the trade for one two page swing and a miss he struck him out for the fast one that was definitely in there in the strike zone a ninety four and a good bye follow up that eighty four man hours later with the ninety four mile an hour fastball include right by to to down here is buster Posey now buster this had some considerable success in the past against the salmon five thirty three batting average against and eight hits in fifteen advance including three doubles no home runs and the branch buster lines a base hit the right field this is nineteen in sixteen at bats against them in the giants have the third have the game second time the busters reach base and it brings up Kevin Pelor stem is been the eighth inning sent a man in front of the closer all storm Kirby aids who has just been the on the worldly Newman is also been trying to double global he's allowed ten home runs now in fifty three innings including the two thirds of an inning the social for here he also now is allowed to fifty nine hits in those fifty three.

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