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Breaking news on talkradio six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom though about the memos on the hill i'm kim duffy fox news were getting to see the response now to that republican nemo about russian meddling in the election democrats in the house intelligence committee say the fbi in this memo did not abuse their power pursuing surveillance warns that the feds had ample reasons to believe former campaign member of carter page was acting as a russian agents president trump is speaking out against democrats calling into fox is justice with judge janine saying a lot of bad things happened on the other side of censorship look into it because what they did it really fraudulent and somebody should be looking into that and by somebody i'm talking about youknowwho memo did acknowledge that christopher steal a former british spy who crafted a dossier on president trump was hired by politically motivated since but did not mention that those socalled persons were the hillary clinton campaign and the democratic national committee the president also called house intelligence committee democratic cochair adam schiff a bad guy more information about how law enforcement allegedly failed to stop the parkland school shooting suspect in florida sunsentinel reporting three broward county sheriff's deputies were outside the school failed to go inside for the broward county sheriff says that's fall there was a tweet from the chairman of the freedom caucus north carolina congressman mark meadows tweeting out the broward county sheriff in front of a nationwide audience on cnn lecture the nra and millions of law abiding gun owners when all along with his department that did nothing after thirty nine calls multiple threats and fail to engage the shooter boxes met finn and strong storms moving across the ohio valley in the mid south three people are dead the governor kentucky confirming two fatalities in his state telling residents to stay safe overnight the third person died in arkansas.

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