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Devon dude nick ilya. Y'all off. Mike schmidt mike smith they all took major jumps under under burks tutelage. And they think that this can work again all right. We're going to shift to a positive story and that's tampa bay. Lightning coming up in just a minute here but allied thoughts on the buffalo sabres because who try and make sense of what's going on there. Yeah it's not going so well it's not going so well. Mom feel for kevin adams to some degree you know. You've got an inexperienced general manager who has a very strong minded head coach in ralph kroger and you know some wonder how that's kind of muddied things up in in buffalo as well. But you have any idea how this is going to end in buffalo. It seems like a lot of change. it seems like it's it's not going to end. Well i mean like right now they just. They're not even competitive you know they've got they've got forty six schools four in twenty games. Jack eichel i. I think he's still got two goals in eighteen games. Taylor hall hasn't scored in twenty jeff. Skinner has got a goal this year. He's got eighteen goals. In the last one hundred games. He's played wound so couple out with rasmussen crystalline in their best defenseman who had covert and really had a struggle recovering from it. Linus ullmark their number one goal. He's been out like you couple all that together in your like like they don't have a chance in all and they're not even close but the the problem becomes so. How do you fix it. You know the other night in new york that the two thousand fans that are allowed in the building or channing. We want eichel right like are they gonna make a move with eichel. You can't trade skinner. He's got seven years left now after this one at nine million per that's not happening taylor holes on a one year deal like. He says he's opened to resigning. Yeah he's got new goals course. He's open to resigning so there. The problem the easy thing to say his tear it down start again. We'll haven't they already done that. Nine years with no playoffs. If they trade jack eichel and walk on from taylor hall your another five years by the time the guy whoever you're going to draft is gonna make an impact on your team enough to really.

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