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Yeah, just a bunch of sort of improvements that make it a little more user friendly and more versatile. So you know, I'm a huge HelloFresh fan, right? You know that we've talked about HelloFresh. We are in we just made HelloFresh tonight. And I love cooking that way. Primarily because it's just drop dead easy, right? You get pre measured ingredients. You just put them together. It's really hard to mess up. And we've gotten to the point now where we're going, so it's like, okay, we have this meal. What else can we add to it? Last night, we made some kind of pork bowl, right? It was rice and pork and some other stuff. Oh, yum. And I toasted, I'm like, oh, we need toasted almonds. So then I got a pan out, made some toasted almonds. Yeah, I'm in there. So we're getting good at this. The picture I was showing on the screen, I always, like when I imagine these devices, these robots, I always think of just grinders and cutters and mixers. It also, you've got a picture of a fish, like you're cooking fish with broccoli there. Are you steaming it? What is this thing doing? Great question. So there's another component that comes with the machine. So I was talking about the base with the bowl that looks like the giant blender. There's sort of another component. And it's a steamer basket concept, and the steamer basket is layered. So you set the steamer basket over the top of the bowl, put water in the bowl. And it steams it, and then there's sort of a lid that'll cover it. So you can grill or not grill, I guess you can steam fish and vegetables together. You can do potatoes. I have baked cakes in the steamer basket of the thermal mix, sticky toffee puddings, and they're absolutely outstanding. So it's just another way to cook. You can also, it's got like a rice cooker setting. And I, I'm a decent cook, but I always flunk at rice. I suck at cooking rice in the pot. It's always mushy, it's always sticky, I eat it. I'm like, eh, feed the rest of the dogs. So I've been trying the rice cooker setting on the thermal mix TM 6, and it's, it is perfect. It is so perfect. So I love using that setting. It's got other sort of automatic programs too for things like eggs. You can use it as a kettle if you want. They've also brought out this new attachment for it, which is a peeler, so it can actually peel any hard vegetable or fruit inside the machine. You just sort of set this disk in the bottom of it. And it's got little, it looks almost like a grater. And then you put water into it. And it just swishes everything around, that's chopped, celery, Jim. There's another photo of the peeler attachment. It might be further. Oh, you said peeler, sorry. Let's see. So it's swishes the vegetables around in the water, and it goes, it goes for about probably ten minutes or so. And then in that time, it peels the fruit or vegetable completely. Back down, I think, oh, there's the peeler attachment right there. That's the blade. So the blade is kind of this wavy grater looking attachment. And I think Jim, if you go back down, there's a photo of some potatoes that I peeled. And it's just such a cool time saver because you can tuck the vegetables or the carrots or your apples or whatever, put them in the bowl, walk away right there, Jim. You can walk away from it and come back and you don't have to sort of sit there. Like, this would be great if you're doing Christmas dinner. You can just load this bowl up with potatoes, walk away, come back in ten minutes and all your peeling is done. So super handy and quite effective, little attachment for this device. Do you think big family like something like this would struggle or could you do big meals on this as well? Or does it kind of cater to two to four crowd? Oh no, I think you could probably do a lot of big meals. I mean, you can do a ton of rice in this. So I mean, you wouldn't be able to sort of do everything at once necessarily, but you could certainly do like steamed vegetables in the main basket. You could do potatoes in the layer underneath the fish, which is in the top. It also does meatballs too. So it has you mix up the meatball meat in the bowl, and then you'll roll them up and then lay them in the steamer basket and steam the meatballs. Now steamed meatballs can be a little pasty looking. Spoiler alert. But it tastes fantastic. And if you're kind of putting them in sauce anyway, it doesn't really matter. You can also just give them a little, you know, a little broil in the oven too. But you could easily make spaghetti and meatballs for a family of 6 or more in this device quite easily. Yeah. A couple of comments coming in from the chat room. Brian says, this is the start of Rosie from the jetsons cooking dinner. Do you get that? You get that feeling, like you're in the beginning of the jets. By the way. George Jetson was just born the other day. Like, I think his birthday was. Yeah, like July something 2022 in the cartoon. So somewhere in the world, George Jetson has been born at this point, but bob says it seems like most of these cook it yourself are very frying pan centric. Is HelloFresh the same? Yes, it is. It says we tried a few of those got tired of frying pan food. We get around that by grilling it. So if you want to, if you want to get out of the pan, we try to couple different ways of frying it. I mean, during the winter, it's kind of nice to not have to go outside and go to the grill and it will do it in the pan.

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