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Thank you so much for your time. You might be in have you more. I miss the wow worby great. That's great thank you so much we really No i didn't see rome in here. Rome brogan ready for the anniversary night. Bobby twenty six years Roll we'll have to dress like batman eagle announced. He'll hit dan in the room room so less applaud of barren and take a break. Please are going to take a quick break. You know you need to use the bathroom battles about from him. I could probably go to the bathroom so everyone go. God bless each and everyone of you guys me boy. Abortion harvey sweaty chin wanted. Forgive especially shot out to misdee- thank you so much. Shaheed johnston as well. I think what we do is shout out the room and then we're a new story. Bhutan flown by so fast. I hope you guys are enjoying the show. So a special shout out to john cochran fan radio so what we do after. The show's over guys. You know we're head on over there with john and we're listen to a tricky lewis Our beloved chick. Tricky for lunchtime with tricky. So let's do that from twelve to noon no for from twelve hundred twenty from unknown to one pm. Solis raga without beloved. Tricky also And then after tricky we're head on over to the groom say each and every day and then we'll stay there for the rest of the afternoon. Also the shoutouts. We're gonna do now soon as barbie come back sponsored by w. f. l. x. the flex a rochester new york and also ninety four point five the in louisville kentucky. So you guys We appreciate this will give these guys especially thanks over there for helping us pay our bills and we truly appreciate each and everyone. Don't forget the hitter. Hit that star. Button gino's facebook has monetize does and we appreciate that as well A one more quick announcements would get all the southwest real nice. I want to give us a shout out to actually to dj room. We get the soon as i leave here. I'm head on over. Tehran's house in rome has programmed us to go on multiple platforms. So hopefully tomorrow. We'll be on youtube. So you If that's one of your Ways of watching a show. You can do that so special. Shout out the room and also special out to our good friend crystal rooney who works behind the scenes over their comedy. Worldnet radio to keep us plugged in with everyone else so special shot outside. You're crystal thank you so much now. Remember Sundays is the new saturday. Night everyone will be over at the iron mule. This sunday i am. You'll is located where barbican on if you don't mind. The is located eight thirty. One south delaware dr in eastern pennsylvania. Come on out of doors opened up at five pm showtime six come on now headlined by the new york king himself talent. I have talent call tomorrow will have a good time And y'all come on now. We have some birthday celebrations. We're almost so so please. Hit me a seven zero ninety. Two six nine five zero. Come on out for the new york king tally. also we have a special mother's day. Comedy show was well my hilarious friend. Tasha face of being a building of the soup hilarious. Tony birdie being the building my man restore reza. Hbo champ economy will be in the building. You're come on out. All these events are absolutely free admission. So you'll come on now. I am mill in also a will tracks a may sixteen hundred sunday Sunday maty six teams so again sunday's new saturday night. So come on hang out with us. Doors open at five pm showtime as six. We appreciate you. Now one throwback thursday yes yes shah took a big jar for free jaw and don't stop born. Let's as we are going to shout out the barbie zone. Jaren talking to him. So let's let's let's show the chat rooms. Love heart sat in a chat room. Hey wait a hearts act chat room. Hey sack rome. Hey with a heart. Set bobby. Let's wait hearts with a turn apple while hey wait. A heart set with the heart jack. Turn hey wait a heart set with heart heart. Who didn't pay. Hey hey pay in chat room with a heart heart set in the heart of hearts and hearts set bobby. Let's go with a heart set. Hey wait wait heart attack me. Heart set win hearts. Hey hey own jobs. This go out gets means. We see living in a building up charles. Hey deal is here. Hey oro shutout to trina pinkett. She's in their building. Tiffany close ick is here. Hey tiffany shell out to the beautiful della andrews. Hello girlfriend veneta. Georgia's here what's up. Hey girl and a low pass two point zero just pop and what's up and a good morning to you Shut out to darren taylor. Good morning to you. Hello and you ll on. The rhymes just popped good morning to you to nathan. You jones is here. Hey nate daniel shutout to your hello. Hello michael a street. Justice grassy is in the building. Hey michael good morning to andre ex. Hello andre one or two you fabulous fab. Maybe is in the building. What's up adding jessica wilcox here. Hey jessica to ms d darlie and congratulated to you in dj anniversary. One saint jago shepherdess. Here good morning. Beautiful winedown show up to two one a pd mahendran. What you ban. You said you.

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