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Five thirty is Colorado's morning news. April mardi with you has the week off agreeing to be joining me momentarily hail piling up around the metro. We've got those details coming up traffic and weather together and course that hail piling up on those roadways checking the P wag, it's going to drive in many spots across metro area this morning, Marty, especially right in the middle of town along I twenty five both directions between six Alameda, but an area of standing water this morning, many spot to like that throughout the metro areas of your traveling through, you see a bunch of water slowdown, trying to drive through just be careful out there, folks, a couple of crashes being cleared across town one northbound I twenty five at sixth avenue on that long ramp to get off the highway there watch out for delays there. Also crash being cleared eastbound I seventy perching ward off to the right shoulder. They're causing some curiosity delays reckon, the cleanup stages, northbound I twenty five near the Louisiana bridges well off highway, a crash being cleared northbound Colorado at thirty eighth. So watch out for us vehicles on the scene traveling out to the airport boulevard is wide open, both directions. And security wait times topping out at about a half hour. So plan for that north opinion boulevard, still seeing some delays on the toll road for seventy between ninety six one hundred fourth watch out for that northwest Parkway. Some delays, there north of Broomfield, it is starting to improve, though on that stretch and whatever possible crash looks like one coming in on the westbound side of the turnpike. Just south of, of church ranch. What Jeff delays on that stretch. This report sponsored by American financing. Refinance your mortgage, and save thousand dollars or more each month without restarting term, it only takes ten minutes to get started when you choose American financing 303-695-7000 or American financing on net and molest one eight two three three four. Regulated by the division of real estate. Next update at five forty on KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Tuesday morning, rain in the forecast today, especially this afternoon to the evening. High today, fifty three can rule out if you isolated thunderstorms but through the remainder.

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