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The Clapper lunches stars. I have the colts favored by two and a half over the Cowboys. All right. I hit this one on head three gave it a full three game me more to the Colt need to keep winning. Cowboys really there's a chance the cowboy I know you say they can jump into three seed they may not have to win another game to win this division. Eight could be enough. God you hit the lottery that division. Yeah. Well, that's the other thing. How funny was it? By the way, look the capital thing is turned into. There's two separate arguments happen at the same time in one is a little bit of rational one is actually really rational. There's the one side. That's that's operating. Like, he was really good. The last few years are to some alternate reality where it's the biggest travesty of all time that somebody's talented person does Navjot which is a slight exaggeration because we were betting against him. Religiously and that last season in inboard, he's putting a pretty empty stats. Now, he's still somewhere between like I would say twenty five and thirty five for quarterbacks. Right. There's a lot of guys like that who aren't good. But are still kind of you can at least they can steer the ship. He was definitely one of those guys. I don't know. I I know where you're going best. Is he better than Josh Johnson was probably if I remember correctly was wanna be original NFL crushes. No, no. That was Josh Freeman. Josh Friedman that Josh Josh Josh Freeman wasn't Gialle. Oh, I know Josh Rosen. Our talent. But when they still have a chance to make the playoffs, and they don't consider capital because he couldn't learn their playbook in time. But then Josh Johnson's out there in the second half and they signed him for days ago. That's when it becomes ridiculous. Yeah. Right. I wish just work came out ready and see maybe throw the ball thrown in years. Like, you know cabinet. You've seen him in a commercial. That's all you've seen out of him. But that's my point bring him in. All right. Bring him in throw some passes. Let's see the guy was in a Super Bowl five years ago in you. And instead, you you have Josh Johnson who then you're playing that's. Why didn't have him come in on thanksgiving? Right. Neck. No one wants to see him kneel on thanksgiving right against the Cowboys PR disaster. I know, but this is so annoying. Because he's he this is a blackballing, and it's outrageous. But he's also not as good as as the layoff has made it seem, but the the truth in between these two stories is that it's absolutely ridiculous that nobody's bringing him into at least four chromatic work them out. Did you see this to the cubeys? Josh Johnson EJ manual like come on. This is he's gonna the NFL's going to have to pay him like one hundred fifty million dollars where the Zedek 'cause there's no way this is not a blackballing. Yeah. I don't know. I just think the result is going to be disappointing for all capital fan hundred percent. Which is why did the big qualifier in the beginning? He was not playing very well for multiple years..

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