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And it is been such a pleasure having you on the show more often and one of the things that I like talking to you about is just the quality of supplements how important that is well I got a text this morning doc and the guy was stalking me about multivitamins what do you like blah blah blah and then he said yeah I got one the other day and I've heard you say smells like a chemistry lab this is a guy who listens to the show in the I heart radio app in Texas yeah he smelled it any goes this sounds like a chemistry lab and I said well you you're getting a chemistry lab vitamin you're not getting a whole foods vitamin talk about your philosophy of supplementation in the overall well back in the thirties forties and fifties when the original nutritional research was done before the vitamins were totally synthesized they would induce a deficiency disease in the pigeon a rat a mouse a chicken and monkey a duck or whatever okay a human again so they but I think the animals so the animals we all ratty they look weird you see the nutrition books your nutritional you see our dish degenerated break down and then they would do something and the animal would go back to normal now what did they do now did they give them a B. five fifty a centrum did they give them a multiple vitamin or a health food store multivitamin where they say raw and natural but it's not they see whole food but they they did an when they gave a most kinds of types of vitamins the animals fared worse that interesting yeah the animals fared better on the box than the corn flakes with the fortified iron and B. vitamins right that research they gave vote although diseases the deficiencies the syndromes work completely reversed with food and nothing but food god is great amen they gave them down sources god liberal oils salmon oil bater cheese powder powdered milk rice bran rice germ powdered liver no worries you used they gave it up and it didn't smell like a chemical back because it was food yep yep and all good rat innocent degeneration was obliterated so so I've been telling people right in my early books I did the wrong thing I talked about chelation I talked about the I. B. vitamin C. I talk about high both those vitamins that's all we knew back thirty years ago sure so now I'm stripping all that out and just recommending whole foods food supplement and whole food supplements by pill and by powder but you have no idea so you're by and and you're wasting your money unless you know here's the bottom line if energy there's the energy and electricity and then uniqueness in the chemical from the nature can't duplicate it from petrol or coal tar I do not I it I know that you that's one of the reasons why you talk about a brand called north American urban spice quite a bit that I know why you're attracted to it it is exactly what you are describing I've always said every time I open one of their bottles what I smell is life I smell the I smell nutrition I don't smell chemistry and it is extraordinary how just sniffing it all those terpenes in those alive nutrients it makes a difference I remembered remember the time you came down to Doug Kaufmann studio there are a lot of young guys there who were running the cameras and stuff and you brought different kinds of foods and everything and these twenty one year old guys who are McDonald's and Burger King types they're sitting there eating the food that you brought in taking some supplements that you brought in and one guy turned to me and he had a look on his face like he had never felt this way before and he said I can live this way every day yeah yeah I I notice that is amazing improvement in his complexion and all that its energy everything's made from electrons and protons and photons and and so we want that we we don't that that bear in the woods or a moose or something Goron measuring an RDA or a minimum I mean give me a break that's right and so that's why I love the products in particular that north American urban spice makes what do you like in terms of omega three fatty acids that's a big well I like a crude I mean give me a fish give me a lobster give me you know who are sardine or or the polar power the fed the wild sockeye salmon oil something like that yeah yeah or the make a eighty K. the crude and now I don't need much I can take a couple four capsules a day and I get crude vitamin a crude vitamin D. asked the sand then and thirty three oh magus I don't wanna height does I don't want to suppress my system artificially I want to open as close to that fishes I can get him yeah and so you yeah do you have the sun this fatty salmon oil from the from the head of the set not the liver from the brains that got the blood brain barrier to protect that brain mmhm mmhm let me see it so clean that the F. the government says do you don't have to process this you don't have to manipulate this there's no dioxin there's nothing in there so leave it alone I see Hey you is so the polar power that's a nice choice for people who are wanting the good magus what about like a you know people are saying you know I need to take a B. complex for example what about that purely be in the purely EM my choice is the crude I take a low dose fifty percent we are the eight thirty percent seventy percent something like that I like the purely be a lot I mean you know you're restless leg your nervousness your agitation your to bill your anxiety or depression or psychosis your addiction your sugar addiction your sugar cravings your fatigue exhaustion you gotta have it yeah all decisions well and it that's a purely be power and then there's a purely packet has the bees the see it has everything in it and you take the packet ripping open any gobble it all down where it might and it smells good too it smells like what you want because it smells like nutrition but you could eat it yeah you could pick the purely packed into on the capsules you take the purely Powell B. and you put it in their super put it is do or you put it in the right yeah morning I had two eggs raw eggs almond milk add two tablespoons a purely be faced with a purely see which is the wild camel camel the red vital red sour grapes and I made a most incredible and I put some honey all yeah yeah yeah I know in in in this is just how you eat I mean this is not one of these things were you're having to use will power to well once in a while eat well this is I I've never I've been out to eat with you I've never seen you deviate knowing not gonna why would you one more thing when we were talking earlier about Hey I took testosterone I didn't feel any better first thing I thought about was pumpkin all yeah for me I'm gonna be good but I'm also off will conduct the network just on strong so there's something called Asha green hi and got the role jelly and ninety percent actually gone to smash a drain sublingual drops raw actually dean raw raw capsules big bad low at meridian the green acres in the good folks at Megan Dodds as they they all know about it so you know that that be a good testosterone and steroids and then when one of these days I hope to get I've got some wild pine pollen from Turkey well I got it here I got a big bag of I gotta figure out what to do that that's the that's testosterone or yeah that so just keep in touch let's get this why old you know wound pine pollen into the into the system yeah the people that have that is not okay for testosterone I'm going to do the polar power yeah I'm gonna do the actual gonna for now yeah yeah okay so and royal jelly I hope you have to have more I I I I love the royal jelly I like the way it's one of those that I feel different when I take it so let's just review take it and if you're too tired to to get it does both so and if that testosterone is low you gotta have it you gotta have it and yeah that means you got to go to meridian Avenue nutrition make a healthy green acres dot since you've got to go to these places and you're looking for a particular brand it's called north American herb and spice maybe they want the.

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