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Well i acknowledge the emotion but emotions aren't reality. Furthermore your thoughts on reality just because you think something doesn't make it true and so the first things that i do outside of being empathetic to somebody's journey. Is that in any given situation. If if you were to walk into ram stadium los angeles coliseum and sit in chairs two three seven and then you realize you know what you know what alex that person in one three seven. They don't like me. I can't be in the stadium. i'm gonna walk out. We would think that is the most ridiculous thing we've ever heard and yet on social media the world's largest stadium we become afraid of what an invisible person sitting in invisible chair will say about us. And to that i say k however i refuse to live my life dictated by the person who's sitting in sweatpants with orange fingers as a result of eating cheetos and being a keyboard warrior their opinions of me. Don't pay my bills. My clients do in the more that i show up broken perforated unperfect trying to be myself and then admitting like hey sometimes i get it right. Sometimes they don't and bringing people in that process. It will not make everybody like me. I do think it will make a small group of people trust me and it's those small group of people that will have transformative in business. I seen this a thousand times over but even if you were to talk about the iterations of my business. I started off very first career as a photographer and i quickly realized that i wasn't intended nor did i want to be liked by every prospective client in the world. I didn't even want to be or need to be liked by a thousand clients in the world and then started distilling an even more. I didn't even need to be liked by a hundred clients. I was working in a luxury market and at the end of the day. Alex in my perfect world scenario. I realized that all i really needed truly was twenty five clients to think that i wasn't the best photographer period. I needed to think that i was the best photographer for them or for that project. Anything oftentimes as business owners. If we were to really really distill what it is that we want. It's not we need a million people to like us. What we really need is a small group of people who will invest in the thing that we're doing to get story. One ago that ellefson shifts we contextualize the brand and then gives us the courage to show up understanding. You're probably not going to be popular. Most people are not popular. But the people i'm speaking to we want to be profitable and that's what i could speak to clearly. I love that i. That's so powerful and actually. This brings up a point that i wanted to get into. I'd love to hear the short version of your story about how you really discovered this idea of of branding yourself branding your company..

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