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But the judge also agreed with you that mister wanted a sexual relationship with you. Tell us about that situation what you did, how you responded. How did you deal with that situation? It was impossible to deal with it. I mean, I've done this because I know that they're going to be many of the women in the same situation as me right now. But he was my boss. He recruited me. He set all of my targets. He practically owns, you know, who I was within that sort of organization. So having somebody like that, being persistent in his pursuit towards you without trying to offend him and to effectively to lose your job because that's what would have happened. It was impossible to manage. So effectively, what I was trying to do was decide step it, you know, I was just trying to kind of almost sort of bounce it back and sort of laugh it off and kind of move on and try not to make too much of a thing about it because I genuinely didn't know what else to do. There was no sort of particular helplines. There is no mentor group, you know, at Gartner. So there was literally nowhere for me to turn other than just sort of try and tolerate it to a degree. And it didn't, you know, clearly it didn't work. It wasn't the right thing for me to have done. But I genuinely, at the time, didn't know what else I could have done. So we've made it any better. But eventually, you took out a grievance and the judge said that when you did that, things just got worse. It did. I mean, you know, I mean, I feel a little bit upset by the fact that the media is focused just purely on the good girl comments. You know, I wouldn't have dedicated four years of my life just to fight being called or described as a good girl. You know, it was the way in which Gartner responded to the grievance that I that I raised. You know, they broke confidentiality. They treated the whole grievance proceedings terribly so that they put me at a disadvantage. I felt as though everybody was closing ranks on me. You know, I was completely singled out for speaking out about the treatment that I received from him. I hold Gartner 100% responsible for the behavior that is, you know, that is acceptable within Gartner. I wouldn't have had to have put up with the situation with mister adri with mister wood and also mister bisset, you know, if they didn't allow that sort of behavior to prevail within the organization. Well, I'm sure many of our listeners commend you for stepping up and taking that action. I should at this point bring you the statement from the company Gartner, which says we're extremely disappointed in the ruling of the UK employment tribunal. We don't believe the evidence supports the ruling and we are currently determining potential next steps, including whether we appeal this decision. At Gartner, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture where every associate feels safe, respected and empowered to do their best at work. I know that you also have a young daughter and this must have been a huge step to take considering you are raising her as a single mom..

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