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Habit away there were were well many groups out there there were advocating on behalf of pain patients and then attorneys took to the courts and started prosecuting physicians for inadequate treating a treatment of pain and they started a witting gigantic settlement and criminal cases against doctors that made inadequate treatment of pain rain quote reckless negligence if scared the hell out of all of us and we all stop prints stop treating pain relief chronic pain and said all our pain patients through the pain specialist became specialist then took the position that pain is whatever the patient sensitive and pain controls whatever the patient says it is our roach they need to control the pain that's what they need if that's where the pill those here at you're talking about physical pain plus like depression which it seems like these everybody's depressed it low prepared pain is a very nefarious phenomena uh and we're talking about chronic pain which is really more about suffering and egnos you say if that really depression pain has two components the some mad at component made a physical the part of the body that injured and a and a suffering compounded a misery component which it entirely different part of the brand it's the insular cortex and that's the part of the brand that's going crazy during chronic pain and that gets more intense and worse under the influence of opiates there is zero evidence there's never been a shred of evidence that opiates or a good treatment for chronic pain and yet here we are with armies of people we want our dopamine dopamine is it if if if some you know it's endorphin morphine and we've been through this before we see in this movie before we did it and eighteen now yet the civil war would morphine sulfate the hypodermic needle words vet your that we have the epidemic was a mirror image of this one if we're up against the clock but before of before a as a set you free this morning on ask a all the walgreens pharmacy is i think eight thousand of me here in the united states and of.

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