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Mills must be twenty one please play responsibly for help visit MT gambling help dot org or call one eight hundred gambler it's nine eighteen traffic and weather on the aids and when they break very slow in the district really north I. two ninety five after laboratory wrote up cross the eleventh street bridge south DC two ninety five slows immediately eastern Avenue and a past Pennsylvania Avenue also coming in on the eleventh under the freeway headed westbound slowest traffic seems these after the third street title but it does remain heavy passing main Avenue toward the outbound fourteenth street bridge also still stacked up in balancing the parkway you come toward for sterling on south capital street into the Douglas bridge northeast the crash Michigan Avenue ten St George Avenue near Park Road north west we had a reported crash Maryland good news topside outlook the crash university Boulevard gone he got a delay there from ninety five stretching toward Connecticut Avenue there was activity on the internet but the ballet was before Connecticut Avenue was broken down vehicle last seen in left center lane hopefully that is been moved out of the roadway two seventy in the southbound direction you got a little heavy traffic at eighty five at one oh nine then the slowing fatherly Boulevard down toward my gummy gonna Japanese and from shady Grove road down the spur on the outer loop writing down toward the American Legion bridge keep an eye out see if they're gonna set up and work on the bridge again today usually blocking the right lane I've been there would westbound shady Grove road before prior to a red last seen the crash was in the left lane in the plate at its emergency utility were closing Oliver's shop road between Wheatley read in Amberley lane that was due to downed wires expects slowdowns on the beltway in Virginia spring field in a loop riding slowly up toward Tyson's and slow the toll road that leads in bridge sixty six have been slow Manassas eased into center building through the inner changes at fifty one twenty three and Natalie toward the ballet ninety five north bound nearly cleared out you're good to go coming up at a found with writing through Woodbridge they'll have in Newington and in the spring field and change three ninety five nest those king street north headed toward the inbound fourteen that was accident activity in Centerville on twenty eight going north bound at sixty six and I'm Gainesville twenty nine year Lynn hall road they may have a new crash one to avoid traffic congestion on I. sixty six start a carpool relax save time internet two two hundred and thirty dollars sign up for pull rewards at commuter connections dot org Jack take the WTOP traffic I learned rickets as our storm team four four day forecast but really it's about nine months not about the four hour that we could go when I learned my kids you can have a baby yeah I am I am having a baby boy we're do.

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