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Well again i think i think it's been a tremendous challenge you know larry asked me to help and i i love this franchise i love this city i love this state and i wanted to do my best to win fewer the parsi stay where they belong which is in pawtucket and the concept to build a stadium at slater mill is a cream mantis concept and you've got the premed stadium builder in in the in in the industry and larry lucchino he's still camden yards in petco park and he refurbish spend way i mean he's gonna track record that's unbelievable in this industry what could he do with aaa park in pawtucket rhode island it would be something that people from across the country would come and see it's it's you know i hope we're not wasting the opportunity of a lifetime not for the ball club because the ball club will land on if not here got a bid then somewhere else but for the city of pawtucket this contains the city of pawtucket it can it can it can reenergize and revitalize that downtown it it can it can it can create it can it can make put tuck it become a unique quaint new england town that people will want to come and see that this town with the stadium right downtown in a train station and a half a mile away and brew is still i mean there's just so much going on that this is the opportunity of a lifetime but this town a town that's been down for the town that was well in the middle days was one of the premed towns in in in in the entire region disturbs the next opportunity and and hopefully we'll find a way to make sure it happened well my friend you have been the international league executive of the year five different times you're in the international league hall of fame you've done it all in minor league baseball and now into the pawtucket red sox hall of fame it's going to happen there saturday you go in with fred lynn who of course a lot of longtime red sox fans have a great connection to and mike i know you know this you've earned it my friend a couple of times over probably congratulations on going into the pawsox hall of fame congrats on sticking it.

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