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I wanted to kind of be in medicine and bioengineering and materials science so it all kind of worked out. When i just kind of just look around and see what was available so. I'm just really thankful for that. Very cool now. Now sofia you had the benefit of being surrounded by all this inspiration You know you have role models in your life already that were that you looked up to and you were thinking. This is something that i'm passionate about have always been passionate about. So that's what i'm gonna pursue moving on from there. What did you do Because there's i feel like there's a lot of different paths you can take. If you're if you're interested in flying you know why. Go the engineering row. And then what what. Sorts of organizations and what activities did you do to build up your skill set to pursue the field. Yeah so yeah like you were saying. I was really fortunate to have a lot of people kind of around supporting me. I i think of it less as role models and more support because I grew up In davis california which is very close to sacramento california for those who don't know But they have a really great person botox team there so i spent Part of my high school career on that team and something that Especially always really kind of helped me out to with finding my passion for engineering. Was that team and finding that while the meant tours. Were really big and really important in helping you kind of discovered passion these students for me and my fellow students both in leadership and just kind of on the design team that i was on. We're really really impactful. And just kind of we're all working together to create these robots that are like hundred and twenty pounds and requires cnc. Millie and routers. And the whole nine ers and having that kind of seeing around just pure is both male female. lgbtq Just kind of a really great mix of people Just kind of coming together and being able to work really well together on creating these large robots that sort of support for me kind of collective. I guess is more of a role model to me than more like a traditional bottle sent. So i got really lucky to have all sorts of people who are just kind of supporting my passionate along the way or helping me find it and just kind of pushing me for it I also really fortunate to go to space camp in huntsville alabama. Whether it was a similar situation again it was just all the counselors there and the people in the program along with me We're all just really fine really engaging and it was just a really great kind of supportive environment for me In having those people that are kinda like golding your back and like you've got this. You can totally do this for me. was awesome. So that's why i started. Actually mentoring a robotics team in the bay area do something similar Basically hope. I can help kind of inspire the next generation of High school students. Basically you can do this. Engineering's totally for you. You are a hundred sent like this program. One hundred.

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