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Diop doors remember the units that tell us how much the lens bins light and because it lacks a negative sign it means it's a plus type of lens which means this is a prescription that is meant to correct for hyper opium or farsightedness the next number minus one point five zero refers to a celinda ical lens these lenses would look kind of like a pipe cut linked wise and they fit within the overall glasses or contact lens and they correct for astigmatism and the axis of the lens matches the abnormality of the cornea so that mine is one point five zero tells us it's a minus lens at one point five oh doctors actually it's not quite that simple but i'll get to that in a little bit the third number one twenty seven is the orientation of that cylindrical lens tells us the celinda goal lens is oriented at one hundred twenty seven degrees the fourth number two point zero zero zero is a bifocals segment at plus two diapers and it's always going to be positive for bifocals if you don't need bifocals you wouldn't have a number like this trailing at the end of your prescription let's more you might see the letters od or s on the prescription so what the heck do those mean od means oculus dexter and os is oculus sinister that is latin for right eye and left eye so dexter and sinister mean right and left so if you happen to be lefthanded like me your of a sinister persuasion insert evil laugh here.

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