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After the Ethiopian Airlines flight of the max eight crashed all one hundred fifty seven people on board died correspondent David McKenzie on the size of that plane crash area. Gabriel field stretches for a long way to that direction. And right behind me, you see those diggers digging up this terrible job airline plowed into this field behind me. It's about an area of two basketball courts. All indications are this plane went straight down and align nose down correspondent Robyn Creole near the crash site where the authorities are combing through the wreckage some people from foreign embassies. We've seen some people from what looks to the Chinese embassy. We understand that more officials experts from other countries will also be joining in trying to ascertain who. And and make sure that they can. Match remains with the right people. The right family members Chinese airline suspending the use the Cayman Airways says it'll ground. It's max a planes and the Ethiopian Airlines also suspending use of the models. At least eight Americans are among those killed the National Transportation Safety board, and the FAA are helping the Ethiopian authorities in the investigation, the to date up and voice black boxes. Have reportedly been recovered. Correspondent fiery Sibusiso is in Nairobi Kenya. Where that plane was headed. This is a real shock amongst all the people who work for non governmental organizations, like the human rights, people that United Nations Refugee Council, the World Food Program, all of these organizations have massive.

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