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And the kind of magic that you wish for but if you're planning was yes and a delightful evening meal a free yeah it's hard to find a bigger fan of you the mom this mother's day shower just that much you appreciate oliver dedication with twenty four multicolored roses for just twenty four dollars from one eight hundred flowers dot com to order go to one eight hundred flowers dot com click the radio icon enter code dan for all the latest headlines and information tune in the sports center on espn radio all throughout the day we'll get to the basketball stuff with pj in a second he was at the warriors game last night the warriors beat the pelicans pelicans can't play a whole lot better than that i don't think and the warriors beat them anyway pj carlesimo with us now thanks as always for the time so the last time you were at a beach or a pool how long ago was that i knew you start with the tough ones right away probably a couple of months end less maybe september all right so in september when pj carlesimo is at the beach or a pool he's doing so shirtless correct correct and is there is there a sunblock on the nose there is now because i've had three three episodes of going back to see my doctor to get some most surgery to get because he's told me sixty eight years of not putting it on so it's a little late but i'm putting it on this is where our hijinks go awry right there we were just visualizing you walking around and now here we are so let's just move the basketball game let's do this less oxide the warriors have ruined the game okay he thinks the kevin durant took a shortcut so let's start with last night's game pj ken the pelicans play better than that maybe play a little bit better off sure how alvin said nice way be nice if they get some free throws particularly it.

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