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Com It's 8 O four now and be warned for a long commute time If you take the Roosevelt bridge into the city this morning Right now only the two outer lanes both in and out of D.C. are open on the Teddy Roosevelt bridge That's because Cruz began emergency repair work late Friday night It's expected to last for the next four months D.C.'s Department of Transportation says expect delays if you plan on traveling I 66 to cross the Potomac especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours Plan for some time sitting in your car or find another way in and out of the city and heavy trucks should probably avoid the bridge D dot says there will be a load restriction of ten tons In downtown D.C. Luke Luger WTO P news A flight headed to D.C. from Los Angeles had to be diverted to Kansas City Missouri yesterday because of an unruly passenger The man reportedly tried to open the cockpit door then tried to open an exit door One passenger says the flight attend ran to the back of the plane grabbed a coffee pot and was seen hitting the man on the head Three passengers helped the flight crew wrestle the man to the floor and held him there When they landed FBI agents boarded the plane and removed the man he was taken off with tape and zip ties around his hands and ankles after a three hour delay that plane took off again and came to dulles A former naval nuclear engineer from Annapolis is set to enter a plea today in federal court He's been charged with trying to sell secrets to a foreign government Jonathan tebby and his wife Diana of Annapolis were arrested last October They both pleaded not guilty to espionage which could carry life in prison prosecutors say he communicated with foreign agents and left top secret information about nuclear powered warships at prearranged dead drop locations Court records showed Jonathan teves do in a West Virginia courtroom this afternoon to change his play it's not clear whether he'll plead to the original charge and it's not clear whether Diana tabby plans to do the same Neil lord can stay in W TLP news D.C. is making it easier for residents to access their COVID-19 vaccine records The city's launched a new web.

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