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Billecart advise he writes jennifer's body a similarly saying something quite a bit more profound than high school as hell or hell as a teenage girl in the words the needy. which is. There's no perfect victims. And that doesn't matter a popular mean girl in black watertown virginal or not drunk or not dress suggestively or not shouldn't be abducted and assaulted true story. Yup yup and then yeah. Many people talked about just any we kinda talked about with the patriarchal distress stress disorder. Recently also collective trauma people have said like maybe we can even look at the trauma of the patriot training women against each other and feeling all of that as part of this movie. A lot of people have said it's like a revenge fantasy or rape revenge movie disguise like it's got a very similar kind of setup but it's made by women so it's much less sexualize right then. Those movies are in terms of those like very traumatic scenes. Which i thought was interesting. And then we've also talked about virginity lately in the whole history of rising that and women a yeah so so the band members are openly speculating whether jennifer virgin and it turns out her sexual experience kind of safer as opposed to being the source of punishment and death like in most horror. Movies where it's the virginity you're being the virginal that means you'll survive and this one. She survived even though she'd become because she became a demons. Commentary of like. Oh you're slut. That means you pretty much demon still alive. Yes sort of sorta. That was interesting because ad they thought about. It is kind of a flip again this whole movie like you said it's supposed to be talking. She gets very aware of the horror movie tropes and it's clang on them but that is a twist from what we normally see in horror movies where the final girl is usually the one that has not had any and then yeah friendships are. They're part of this movie and toxic and self destructive friendships. Especially yeah i mean that's and reading the interviews with the creators was the heart of this movie was was their their friendship between needy and jennifer. I did like catch on to how especially needy. Which may the nickname is pretty telling. Every character is kind of like constantly trying to stop jennifer like kind of constantly trying to protect her or go after her and jennifer's kind of always just on reach or whatever which felt very much to me like trying to hold on in the face of change to this friendship and especially like needy calls them. Sandbox friends like we said earlier. They've been friends from a young age and trying to hold on to that friendship. Even though it's evolving. Maybe you have changed. Maybe you weren't really suit or healthy friends in the first place especially not now. We've talked about that recently to kind of that moment of being like. Oh you know. I've really tried to hold on this friendship. But maybe your toxic friendship that we talked about their abusive friendship. That people need to go away from for sure because there's nothing serving and she. Gas lights are constantly to an abusive belaval in guilt certain to abusive level. That's like.

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