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And Malivai this is called the repeated tragedy which is the first stage from bright into on the game. Raden project for the Sony Playstation Cobas by go Satoh credit as rise. This sounds anything this L. anything like a tragedy. This thing's Macula is really good. So my guess is that goes right into also in the arcade on its own hardware so like you imagine how an arcade game with sound in the ninety S. This sounds way cleaners. I think that they like arranged it on the original regional synthesizers and then recorded it CD quality for the game on the playstation because it sounds really clean. I gotTa admit to this to rob real quick. What the Heck is personal? I keep looking at my cellphone. Yeah what's what's happening. You're you're poking monning it up. Aren't you right now. What is happening right now? Apparently the game awards on and arranged alright so random. His show in listener of the show Matt is text me by the way the gave awards. GimMe the Dietz. We're recording but if anything crazy happens you got a text it to me because on one hand I'm not generally big on like awards aside from like the General Gospel of white hearing about things. I like winning awards like control getting getting game of the frigging year which was unexpected but remedy. The game sailed deserve that mess. Control looks cool. Yeah it's really good but It just means we want somebody who Texas. Oh what's going on. And he's like nothing yet but it's coming just tell us as you're watching offered for for updates. Yeah I want to hear. There's rumor that they're GONNA do next smash character isn't I'm genuinely rumors had been swirling on nights you you just take a picture of yourself. FRIGGIN WISH I. I would love to be a smash brothers characters so much. I wanted to be a fighting game character. Just because I want the the absurdity of a move sick and and how cool would that be to have a moose. Maybe that'll be the next game that I work on as I just like all the pictures that I have of you already for the podcast photos that I do and I just digitize you and so like a mortal combat style game but then we had the most being otherwise it will make sense. Yeah I'll be there. I'll be in the background like going like the League. He can throw throw wall turkeys onto the screen. Your back like killing a chicken. I can the back the back of Charlie stage anyway so I I chose the project tasted. I'd never really played a lot of writing although I like. Oh I love the style of the whole lot. It's very classic Classic Space Space. Shoot em up type game but this track reminds me so much of the modern a sense of movement movement happening right now with bands like a gunship and time cop nineteen eighty three which I am quite. That is the name of the band year. That's the name of the band it's one guy with. I think some other guest artist artist. That's called time cop. Nineteen eighty-three Mega. Music is awesome. What are we calling time? Cotton one thousand nine hundred. Three's at the year you decided you know. It's so good just the year I want. Let me known but when he first when you hear this opening chords on this track like it's so big it's so smooth and that the first lines of that keyboard aboard hits it it feels good to me. It feels really good then. This really cheesy sounding drum fills a tedious. Jesus that is a mess. Let me made me feel like back in the nineties. Radically skating down that cool hat. Fight looking for the next big curl making up words. That don't make sense of those things like I don't know about you but like the playstation was just hooked up to a TV and just those TV speakers. We weren't getting this this this level of like hearing the full surround like hearing the full stereo during the full spectrum of the Bass and the treble like we're just hearing what was coming up. TV speakers back then. I had a twenty five inch magma's which I bought with my very last. Kb Toys paycheck And there was blessed before that I had strep rabbit ears window take that KB toys. You're actually had that. Td for a long time. I didn't replace it. I bought it nine hundred ninety eighty six and didn't replace it until two thousand seven. You have a TV upstairs in your room. snout right still still not that one. But I'm about to ditch that and replaceable. Another to give me a Sony wager which is only on top of the line. Back was downsized what to do with this tube. TV because it's not really to get rid of two TV's these days people who play competitive smash brothers on the Gamecube. They're GONNA want it. Yeah so if you're listening and adding throwing it out illegal dumpster yet if you're interested past guest of the show Mitchell Wong and Dan game composer of game kind. That just came out yet. They they love smash. I don't know if they play that version of smash but I'm you like mailings smashed. Go for but they might be into it. So we're onto your final track playstation one playstation two. They stationed three pry one of the more humorous have playstation releases. Because there's a history behind that which I'll get into while this awesome track is playing because because as many times I can listen to loop the better so this comes from the Game Skyhawk three I want to say was absence of justice and the track is titled Modern Tones composed by my buddy. Tim Pace is not really my buddy buddy his buddy he had never even had teen facebook messages and he keeps you know you know. He's reading it. He's he's he's happy messages.

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