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Anything goes hello friend. Welcome to best this where we sift through the noise. So you don't have to. I'm brian hart. I'm carrying mcfarland home and here. We go with another podcast episode. I'm excited i'm excited to. I got some good ones. Who can't wait but i go i so i have to wait a little bit longer and michael. She is going to be a movement. And this is called the food waste fiasco. So last week i talked about rob greenfield and he started this food waste fiasco but i wanted to really hone in on this so as you might or might not know we throw away one hundred and sixty five billion dollars worth of food per year in the united states. That's more than the budgets of the united states national parks public libraries federal prisons veterans healthcare and fbi hand the fda combine about fifty million of our three hundred twenty million. Americans are food insecure yet. We produce enough food to feed over five hundred million americans so almost twice as many as we even have to create. Just the amount of food that ends up in landfills. We waste enough water to meet them. Domestic water needs of every american citizen. So there is a huge problem so on one of rob's rides across the united states. He decided to get all of his food by dumpster so he went dumpster diving and all of his food from there and he decided to then display all of the food that he found on the ground in park in each town so people can see the real impact and how much food is thrown away so he had way more than he could eat. You have to see it to believe it. So i do encourage you to check out the show notes for this now. The food was displayed by groups in patterns and then he started to give away to people that needed it. They raised over. They save ten thousand dollars worth of food and fed over five hundred people law rob learned that he can roll up to nearly any city across the united states and collect enough food to feed hundreds of people in a matter of one night. This is a really cool thing. I've already ran out of time. I have so many links that are going to be on the show notes for the food. Waste fiasco okay. I can't wait to see the photos to see what this looks like. Yes and and just to be able to comprehend. So what are the show notes with the link. Oh yes thank you so much. Ten best this dot com slash food. That'll take you rated this episode. So you can get all the links. I have a bunch of resources on food. Waste that i've read. American wasteland is one of the books a really good book. There's just eat it. I believe or eat it or something like that A couple of good docs. So yeah. Definitely tons of resources and what i really like. Is he encourages. People that the pictures are amazing to the worth a million words or whatever that saying goes but he says you know what the next time you go grocery shopping. He's like why don't you go to the back. Check out the dumpster and when you see how much food is in there that's when it will sink in east like you don't have to go dumpster diving. You'll have to bring the food home or did use like but just seeing it will change your life. I believe he says sometimes. Amd or they're locked so you might have to go to a couple of different places but he goes pretty much. The once you see at one time your life will be changed forever. That's amazing and i know you know. I worked at the grocery industry for thirteen fifteen years. Something like that a really long time and yeah we throughout all the time. We're doing pros department but everywhere we threw out stuff and you almost have to because if it's after the date or if it's just doesn't look perfect you can actually get in trouble if you sell it and it's not quite good. That's why imperfect produce and improve the turned an imperfect foods has been mentioned. Actually twice on the show was so powerful. Because i messed up but so important and it's just really cool so i have tons of links like i said on our show nuts of different things you can do to get more knowledgeable. Oh that's fantastic. I know that. I need a reminder of that. Yeah i know. And i think about it. It's one of my biggest like it's really weighs on me all the time. Speedway's i hate. I only buy what i need for fresh food. Especially since i live by myself. It's very little like my fridge is empty a lot of the times. Because it's like. I can't like just makes me so bad if you've grown way. Yeah so anyway. thank you. So my lord sharing that. It's really important my cool sheet. I'm gonna be talking about something. Education related and this is ditching the s. a. t. I want to give a little vignette or story of the history of the sat. And this is really going to then lead towards this idea of ditching it. So let's go back to the first world war. Rubber york's leading member of the new iq testing movement another test. That has major problems with it. Persuaded the us army to let him test all recruits for intelligence. This test was called. the army. alpha was the first mass administered. Iq test one of your assistance was a young psychologist named carl bringham who taught at princeton and after the war bringham became began adopting or adapting changing the army alpha mainly by making it more difficult for us as a college..

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