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Flashes thankfully. The lane beside me was open. And i managed to swear around blasted my horn. Anger heart settled down. We went on to talk about our holiday plans until we almost didn't have a holiday. That same car stopped was now driving right behind me and i mean right behind pulled into another lane to get rid of an accelerated. My stalker did the same. This wasn't some media. Trying to be maryland dreaded this was person on emission limit. Later we were smashed from behind chateaux and i have no idea how my car on the road but my trunk flew up and started smashing wiley like a badge. Shudder in a winstar. And then things got quiet. I wanted to pull over at my frantic keep going find an exit lane others in a tiny slit to look through the my rear view mirror. All i had as my side near. I saw those same lights coming. Felt like it was a jaws moving and this time we were hit with such force that we flew the road into the ditch between the west and east highways. And so did. Our predator got out of the car and started walking towards us. I was scared that he must have gun is kind of vendetta. My friends wanted to get out and fight. But i was too scared to even move and then he turned walked up the bank and in the middle of the highway with his back to traffic. He started walking back to toronto at the carlisle police station after are towed out an caught the culprit and found booze and pills in his car. Why didn't care. I wanted to charge that person with attempted murder. And ironically months later i found out he got three hundred dollar fine how we survived being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'll never know you're listening to the iheartradio candid a talk network and this is chatter. That matters with tony. Chapman presented by april six. Two thousand eighteen twenty nine people were in the wrong place at the wrong time players and coaches and friends. The humboldt broncos hockey puck confirmed a bus carrying me. Humble broncos was involved in a serious crash with a semi truck sixteen people along the teams bus injuring thirteen. More unimagined sending a small tight knit.

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