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Like steam would come out of my ears youtube tutorials. That's the big difference. Twenty-first-century is it's so much easier when someone's like yeah his. This thing grabbed this. And do this done like yeah but that would have been four pages of this manual. Are you on youtube boston. Boston filter from youtube. And you wanna fix this fucking thing. Just buy a new one. You piece of shit often go scratch ticket win some money and buy one tony. What did you do following similar to. Carly i have a secret girlfriend now And i wind you her place and just kinda hung out didn't really do anything. I did not dress up And we just hung out. There had dinner. Her mom is in town visiting in Her mom made dinner. I just hung out there like literally. I can't think of anything that we did other than just paying out. Yeah i know where. I got you this the first mom meet yet wide matter technically the day before but yeah. Oh wow. this is moving at quite a clip. Or it's it's not. And i can't tell because i've lost sense of time. Yeah i mean everything feels insane. But it's it's been several months now. We're like guardian like four months. Yeah so wait is. Is she not social media at all either. No she is but she just What's her tag. She prefers to not be like you know we get to specific with anything. Just write likes being private. Did guess private lou. Private dinner with mom. I got you did. She don't know what i don't know who can is anymore entertain. Did she specifically tell you. Don't mention me on. Alison rosen. Is your new best friend. I beat her to that. And i just straight up asked her i said. Can i mention you on this. Great podcast and you should be subscribed but if you're not there'll be a love she she's listened. Yeah i just. I brought it up to her because i knew that she is kind of private and i was like. Do you care if i talk about things that she she doesn't care if i talk about things but just doesn't want me to like go into names and things like that. That is so reasonable. Yeah that's crazy. She's very reasonable. Which big data is that. What you find most sexy about her right now. It's nice to have some reasonable.

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