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The two districts are the largest in the state the Long Beach school district will also close for the next five weeks the palace Verdes in Simi Valley districts will also close for the next two weeks they join Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica Malibu and closing as well with all the sports should being either postponed or canceled due to the virus can extend the seventies Randy could do is with us and he says it could be worse much has been made of the fact that basically the entire sports scene has been erased off the schedule due to the coronavirus leagues canceling or postponing events something that hasn't been seen wouldn't since about nine eleven but Syracuse University professor of TV and pop culture Robert Thompson tells me they have something now and we have something now that didn't exist back then as long as the internet connections remain intact the amount of entertainment that people have available in quarantine is breathtakingly enormous and that's a relatively new thing back in September eleventh you could exchange your VHS tapes with other people but now there's a sense that if people find themselves quarantined and they've got wifi there is a close to infinite amount of things that they can keep themselves amused with I got a couple boxes of VHS tapes in case anybody what well maybe never mind putting down my hand now today more than just postponed including masters golf tournament in the Boston Marathon and more Randy Gordon can extend seventy news ready and ready if you think about it you may have VHS tapes I think we all do but who has a VHS tape machine to play them yeah well that's a good point more it's true deliver nineteen on Cannock several more of southern California colleges are making a transition to online classes to students won't have to come to campus amid fears of the coronavirus Santa Monica college which has already begun the process expects to conduct all of its classes online starting on Wednesday next week many others also planned to put most if not all of their classes online next week they include El Camino college in Torrance real Honda collagen Whittier Kampala Polona cal state Dominguez hills and Concordia university in Irvine course stay with KNX your source for continuing in depth team coverage of the corona virus crisis here in southern California across the country and around the world take note of this we have a page devoted to the very latest information you need to know about the outbreak you can find that on the on the internet it can extensively dot com slash coronavirus also want to point out later today LA mayor Eric Garcetti will be joining us now live at one thirty on KNX in death it's eleven twenty.

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