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And I love now much. No, she was not demonstrative. She was very much like what you achieve is going to be. And I don't think this is. And I think this is a big part of parenting that I'm really really careful about now is that I don't want my love to be condition contingent upon her achievement. I don't think it was a deliberate thing. But I think when I was impressive at something. My mom gave me more love. So that my whole self worth was dependent on how I'm doing what I'm doing what I'm saying. It's not something. Absolutely. I think a lot of actors are aren't good look at it. Like what I did exact exactly success. And that is so. Not true. But when it's embedded in your system for many many years like, oh, I was good in that. And I just keep hearing. I'm good. I'm good. I'm gone that. Yeah. My therapist said it's kind of like the the colander effect colander where you put spaghetti in in the water goes right through it. It's one of those things that you're great. And then it goes right through. Yeah. You're never really satisfied. So that's what I kind of discovered when I was reading my memoir that was that was kinda plaguing me. And so now, I kind of try not to put myself worth in others hands in that way. And it's very hard, especially as an actor because you're constantly doing that to get jobs or as a creator. But I feel like at least I'm aware of it. So it's a little bit more functional. How do you? How do you do that? How do you fix? How do you because I'm sure there's many listeners out there who always wants who always want everyone's approval. It's like, oh, I did. This aren't I great. I got a promotion at work on fantastic. It's like how. But it's how you feel. It's important. It's important yourself worth. Yeah. And that's hard to to sort of understand and achieve. It's easier to say, I don't care what other people think. Yeah. You always do. Now. You know, how do you? How do you just have a balance? How do you? Make things better. I mean, I try to have things in my life that arm doing not for other people like I'm studying Spanish for fun. There's. Unidos? Wow. Very good. You'll Tingo Greg Abassi. Yeah. You have a big head to. Yeah. Yeah. I'm learning. I'm just learning Spanish now. And I'm not good at it. But I'm doing it for myself. And there's no ulterior motive there because I kind of turned everything one of my hobbies into a career which was great for a while. And then I'm just like, I'm still giving everything everybody everybody else everything. So I try to do that. And then also having a baby really, I mean, it really did change me profoundly in the I know that I have somebody who will love me on conditionally, and I will love her unconditionally. And so when I get rejected by other things, I'm like, well, I gotta keep going for her. I can't get depressed because of other people not like you me because she is there. She needs me. So it's also living somebody I was did a scifi movie called red where wolf hunter many years ago? Yeah, it was great. And there was a woman named Roseberry on their very Rosemary. Very Rosebery Rosebery. Yeah. She it's a new dog's name. And she said, well, it was such a relief to have children because I didn't have to care about myself the most anymore, and I that really stuck with me for years. And then when I finally had a baby I was like, oh, great. I don't have to put myself. I all the time. Maybe she's twenty months twenty months. So that's for a twelve two and a little bit twenty month, twenty months. Yeah. One and a half other people do that because go, oh, she's thirty eight we'll see you got a year. Why not just go a year and a half for doctors visits and stuff? And. Yeah. But also because they'd change every month. There's such a difference between months sixteen twenty the rice. But believe me, I thought it was stupid, but I do too. The worst is pregnancy where they're like you've got an apple in you. You got a banana, you gotta Bill pineapple. I'm like, I hate this analogy just tell me how long the thing is willing to start conception to the actual nine months..

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