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I thought I'd throw Tim Tebow's in the mix, the guy who I always loved his work ethic, Peyton Manning's in there but for me it was always Drew Brees and Tom Brady. First of all to watch them play each other like three times. That's incredible. It's really really special like really really I'm always gonna look back at twenty twenty and remember that and go. How cool was it to see? Tom Brady I remember when when they lost in the playoffs you have Tom Brady throwing the ball on the field to Drew Brees, his sons like hot. So cool. So that was fun, but I man I it's nearly impossible to beat a Tom brady-led football team three times in one season. And if it wasn't for that, I really wonder. What would have happened? Where would New Orleans have ended up? Cuz I thought 2020 was a great year to win a Superbowl for them and they they fell short. I was heartbroken and sad cuz I always wanted to see Drew Brees win another Superbowl in New Orleans. I'm glad he got one. But I am man, it's it's a beautiful shame that you know as a football fan getting to watch. Tom Brady, play Drew Brees that many times, awesome. But as a Drew Brees Faith, heard a little bit of like oh man I would have loved to see him and on top and get one more ring before he walked away into the sunset. All right guys, I'm going to take a short break, a good stuff ahead. We have asked Zac you guys brought incredible questions to ask Zack this week this week this episode. I do I try to multiple the week so asked Zac is next, we'll talk about the Colts. We'll talk about the Bengals and amending the show today. The new tradition we're going to every single episode at the end of the show, when new segment it might be terrible. It might not be interesting, I don't know, but new segment.

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