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Thirty six broccoli drive does that name ring a bell address ring a bill thirty six broccoli dr bureau ck l e y drive it's the chris porco house shits right i went and i pulled in the driveway on the right side right with a jeep was and i was like whoa and our cold like a chill came over me and i the spirit of peter porco came out in a said it he said it wasn't chris so i'm going to restart the investigation you you'll even stop their last investigation you already picking up well susan lyles still going i'm still asking around this like is like when we're when we're we're detectives on the case and then you pick up something else and i'm like what are you doing we haven't solved this one yet what are you going back and rotation i'm just i'm just trying to keep a business up you know picked up this other case yeah spirit guided me to thirty six brockley dr peter spirit of peter porco who was alive for thirty minutes to two hours after he was bludgeoned well was that about us and what about his morning routine until you rented blood weird his his yeah you've never heard of that story did he just not realize he was like missing his head his bellum i guess the the the part of the brain responsible for immediate like moves like sense of smell since the taste like being aware of what's going on was really damaged but his madeleine gotta the part of the brain that's responsible for routine for muscle memory was fine so he got up it's like it's a thing in your brain that wakes you up at a certain time even knowing whether or not you need alarm clock it's just like well at six thirty i must be up woke him up he got up pulled out a cashier's check road out a cashier's check start like shaved went downstairs locked himself out new enough to find the spare key let himself back in with a half a head and his jaw hanging off.

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