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Oh okay yeah yeah let's talk about it okay i love the wagle dance i mean how do they know how to do what is it tell me everything so with the waggled dance they are they're communicating locations of food water or even a new place to live and the orientation of the direction that they're doing the dance in correlates with where the sun is at so they're following the sun and they're using their wagle dance to tell you which direction the sun is due east though do their dance do east and the intensity of the wagle tells you how good source it is so like if you think about when they're swarming and they're looking for a new place to live and they're one b fines ideal spot and they go back and they waddell to a group of bees follow follow this direction they go they like it they go back to the hive wagle to a few more like think about how long it would take them to wagle to everybody right get that message across i mean what crazy complicated in advance form of their like i'm just amazed at how intelligent they are they're insects i mean there's host mart i suck at rate i don't understand how something that has a brain the size of a pinhead can be like let me tell you i i don't know where i parked my car like how did they do it i call it bp s.

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