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Your podcasts. It's a 28. Traffic in weather on the 8s and Jack Taylor zoom the WTO be traffic center. Hey we've got our slowing in Virginia John as you roll north on three 95 beginning heavy near edsel road you're riding up to a broken down vehicle after glee road, reported to be in the left center lane, then you'll really hit the brakes because it slowed across the 14th street bridge with your lanes reported open. 66, the better news eastbound out near one 23 had an earlier crash. That got moved over safely onto the right shoulder. Watch for the work on 66. It's headed westbound out near the Prince William Parkway exit 44, Cruz working along the left side of the roadway. Out of lorton, route one near telegraph road, there was an earlier crash. Thank you, Vince. He's been checking in with us the whole time at West Virginia. I 81 northbound beyond Hammond's mill road, headed northbound. You're going to find your single file left getting by a crash cleanup. There's a bunch of dirt all over everywhere. They clean up is going to take a while. You're going to find in Maryland. We're slow and Gaithersburg, riding two 70 south, you're approaching Montgomery village avenue on the brakes, heading to a point before three 70. That's where the sinkhole opened up a week or ten days ago. Be just right around the muddy branch road overpass, two right lanes blocked, three to the left will get you by. I think traffic's moving again on one 75 west, out near one O 8. That was an earlier vehicle fire. You will find we're good to go between the beltways, 95 and the BW Parkway, no real delay now interlude prince George's county all the way from college park down toward the Wilson bridge should find your travel lanes open. In the district, southeast, Pennsylvania avenue, near Potomac avenue, a crash, I two 95 northbound, after suitland park, there was an earlier wreck. There's really not any kind of a delay, maybe that's out of the roadway or better yet gone. K street at 15th street in northwest, we also had a crash there. On the rails, Mark Kim didn't train 8 42, reporting a 25 minute delay. The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Washington wishes everyone a safe and joyous summer reconnect with your local Catholic parish as you enjoy, summer activities, find mass times at a DW dot org Jack Taylor WTO P traffic My extent of friends got the forecast for us. There is a slow moving cold front coming our way. We'll see off and on showers today at times it will be dry and also be a risk of thunderstorms, especially midday and afternoon.

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