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Sixty k sfo uber agreeing to an expanded settlement with federal regulators for data breaches the company will have to notify the federal trade commission of customer data is exposed in future incidents uber has been criticized for the way notified customers about how it handled their data the mayors of san jose and anaheim have a friendly wager going on who's going to win round one of the stanley cup playoff between the sharks of the ducks have san jose wins anaheim air tom tate will set a box of cheerios anaheim food truck donncha rose for san jose kids to enjoy and if the ducks win san jose mayor sam cardo will send to anaheim boxes of eggo waffles which were invented in san jose each mayor will also donate one hundred dollars toward a charity helping homeless people in their opponents city and the sierra has been hit by late snow could be a great we can hit the slow the slopes that is in fact right now official weather forecast from our award winning staff meteorologist weather forecasts for the bay area today sunshine warmer temperatures as well some readings in the seventies today looks like we'll see similar weather for tomorrow will knock that temperature up a few degrees as well under sunny skies sunday you'll notice a few clouds drifting in but otherwise it's going to be a dry beautiful day could see some rain in the bay area sunday night but in the meantime enjoy your weekend certified by the american meteorological society of your staff meteorologist at on this open line friday i will now appropriately hang up on myself we're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed please hang up and try your call again this hour like everything that brings progress the greatest struggle is always with ourselves if you're looking.

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