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Net Creek's going to intersect with a trail I. Don't have to use my compass anymore. Really I'M GONNA shoot an asthma and I'm look at the farthest point I can see to where we need to go that I'm GONNA be able to see the whole way. Kambas go my pocket. We're GONNA haul ass eventually. We're GONNA get it creek. Somewhere but generally where that creeks at let's say, trail crosses it. There's a handrail and catching feature there anyway. This is boring shit, but it's not get there quick. What's interesting is like. Very few people know how to do this and this is a critical skill. If you do get lost in a lot of people, get lost in the woods. One of the things that you were talking to you podcast once and I never really took into consideration was the fact that a lot of binocular holders harnesses have magnets on them. A lot of people love those I've got one of those one of those Gear. Yeah, but those can fuck with your compass. Yeah, you gotTA. Have to hold it out. He was giving me Shit because we partnered up with them because he said my sales went down from you dick, and I was like dude. It's just it's got to be said right. I mean that's got to be said. Otherwise people are. GonNa die well. It's funny because I. Even have a competent. I compass with me all the time. Really Yeah, fucking weird! I know When I G. Shock had a compass the sidewalks on the WH The thing is is like when I'm when I was hunting out in Texas. I don't know where the fuck I'm Matt Right. You know it's Texas right and we're on these huge north Texas so it's big plateaus and that Palo! Duro Canyon where we were at. Canyon can crazy, so you know where we are, you know these guys have lived their entire lives and they're like. Oh, it's northeast where you're at. They know where they formed at their whole lives were. Like fuck the fucking sons, not up to clouds are out which northeast well, oh there's northeast so i. just always ca you know carrying always have a compass with me, but. Being lost when you're young and almost dying, that'll help you probably WANNA. Learn to because we when I super young during cotton and Shit snowing and rain in Oregon. Lost a foot, yeah, almost died twice really. Overnight eleven the first time Jesus Christ by yourself well now let's. Just sound way worse than it was. A dip has with my dad. He's drinking with his buddies and. I went after deer and got fucked up and couldn't find my way back. When you were eleven. Yeah which I can't even I have a twelve year old daughter. I can't imagine man, my my poor mom right dealing with the shit. She had to deal with with me because I I was backpacking when I was super young. Right like backpacking all over the place and and I've always liked to do it, so you can imagine you're you know nowadays like if my daughter fifteen on a four day backpacking trip into the Wilderness Oh? Fuck me, can I go great. With my mom had to deal with a lot of that, as a kid was always super adventure, if I just think that that feeling of not knowing if you're going to survive. And then surviving. I don't want my kids to have that but God damn. That's a valuable way when you. We talked about it all the time. It's one of the reasons I. have so much respect for a guy like frank or or Jake. They have no fear of anything. When you get to the point where there's no mountain, truly no mountain too high, no valley to whatever fucking saying is. There's nothing that stops you. You will get out and most people lack that meaning if you've backpacked in whatever six miles and it long as you can get the animal out, especially mule deer pack it out, and you see a mule deer, two and a half three more miles in and and you have. No, you're like. Oh, yes, going to seven eleven, we're. We're going right. There's not and this is normal for any backpack. Comrades at Camp. Say the same thing. There's nothing we can't get to. There's nothing we worry about. We have enough gear, and it's a cool feeling. You know I don't think about anymore, but it's definitely helped. Put some animals on the ground. It's also there's a mindset that the hardcore backpack hunter has that. You they look forward to those challenges and overcoming those challenges, and then when those things happen. It's something that you have prepared for, so it's it's actually like almost like a positive experience, and then you get out, and you tell people how far nine nine mile. Packing on one trip It was a big fluker. We had to take it twice and. I know a lot of guys have ruined their body doing that, too, though I know quite a few guys that have. Sustained injuries with a heavy pack. I have like crazy stories when One of our buddies, and I and he killed an elkin were seven and a half miles in. You got on the ground. Thanks well. He's younger guy and anyway we split it in half and. It was downhill the whole way, and I I know I can pack you for infinite amount of time downhill, so I'm like fuck it. It's downhill. I DIDN'T WANNA. Come back, so we're having our little HOBNOB meeting that next morning. Getting Ready to go out and that night I ate everything I possibly could drink water all night and. I picked up the pack and link. I think we can make fuck if we can't. We'll just leave some of it on the trail. Come back up, so we got one hundred seventy pounds legit. We waited in the truck. He had one hundred eighty four. Oh my car, so on the way down. These aren't bullshitting. His prey took ten years off my life, so we go on the way down, and I took his bow, and he took my walking sticks, and were Bush whacking for the first two to the trail, and Franken I went and reenacted this because I'm like dude. I go see how bad this was. Because I was in fucking spirit world like half the time too bad and so Franken I we did it and we worked it out, and it was. It was actually plus or minus seven Mile Range, so we get to the trail. I'm like look dude. I'm not leaving you behind. I'm fucking leaving you behind I. can't go this slow and I'll get to the truck. I'll turn around and come back. Grab you because I was fucking hurting bad and. I called my buddy. You, press him on there. He's ex I say he's a SF Dude I. Call Him Mike Dude I couldn't eat. I need a pick up. I need you to come help us out, and he's hardcore motherfucker. He's like yeah. I'll be up. Let me talk to. My wife will be up there, so I passed him on the way out on the trail and I've got. I thought like a half. Mile, AGO! Could hear the highway and he's like. Did you get like a mile and a half? I'm like. Are You fucking kidding me? He said. Can you make it? I'm like oh I'm fucking making it like it's mind games now like I'm not letting this. Beat me and I'm like what you gotta go in and get my buddy. He's locked up so I. Get to the trail head I get the pack off I'm laying in my underwear under the truck and if I had an idea. Hikers Awkward, right. There's hikers, but I was like fuck it. I'm done so I'm just trying to get under. The truck was in the shade, and the wind was blowing. So I'm laying there. Literally just sprawled out four points compass trying to cool off because we're by getting heat stroke. I get hydrated and thank God you know. My buddy went and helped me everybody anyway. He gets back and he's like dude. He was fucked up and I'm like how bad he was like. When I got there and keep my my buddy did not know he had helped coming, so he's on his hands and knees on the wrong side of the trail, looking for water in the creeks on the other side of the trail, and you can hear it over. This is how and again I'm trying to blow out of proportion. It just happens right. He's talking about cognitive skills. Dehydration everything so. my buddies like Hey, dude! What's four plus four like? He's checking him. He's A. He's a eighteen medic and He was fucked up. He hadn't eaten anything yet. Drinking Water Brain wasn't working right, and so.

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