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Southern out of you crash. With in house, which is. He's. I'm wearing edible panties there freely. They're fairly and there may in from concord, grapes. Lease welcome to the stage. It is very distinct and capable ARA to present to you the complex multi talents of musical sensation and worldwide global phenomenon known as. Share? Welcome. Welcome news. So thank you for having me. God is one of my favorite songs. That's right. What's that? From for those for those who don't know that is the the the welcome to New York song from the crocodile Dundee soundtrack the score from crocodile Dundee is really one of my favorite scores of all time. It's actually a great record and fun at parties as well. It is fun at parties. Indeed, Paul HOGAN, it's Paul HOGAN. And then what's the woman's name? Linda, Linda Evangelista. No Lynn lenient day, get married or did they got married and they got divorced. And I think it's a it was Hogan's like six marriage. He had another wife that he had divorced and married. A second time. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's a very interesting Keri got a little gnarly. I think. Yeah. I think all this marriage is I think really went dark after a while. I did it all I think they just. Split amicably after a certain period of time because all different paths. Fire the flame of love. Sometimes just you know, burns out on its own. Yeah. I can see three tents in the Paul HOGAN household for some reason. I would enjoy I'm just gonna come out and say it I would really enjoy watching having a screening of crocodile Dundee three who was that crocodiles in space. Crocks? One where does that take place? There's no gravity. I I don't I don't even. I don't even know if it I mean, I never saw to just remember when it like it did have a theatrical run, unfortunately. And actually, I know way too much about it at for not having. No, well, so the two writers that were hired to write the thing wrote this full scripted. They didn't want to do it. But they were kinda struggling in their career. Right. So he got this gig. And Ben Paul HOGAN was like, okay, we're going to do a little rewrite. He changed basically if the scene was HOGAN walks into the kitchen, grabs a knife each. It's like walks into the bathroom, grabs a toothbrush like change, nothing except certain words, and and look Asians. Then he tried to have the screenplay registered under his name. So for screenwriter credit? What happens is if you write something, and you don't get screen credit. You don't get residuals. Right. And you don't really get paid that. Well, so those guys had to take him to whatever writer court for the writers guild and the writers one and then HOGAN appealed, oh my God. They want to. He appealed again and then on the promotional tour. He started just calling them out. So he like fully went nuts on these guys. And yet they really like Meg reasonable person. Does. I mean how much money is there? Get to further residuals of crocodile Dundee three is my question, especially after he owned crocodile Dundee like that he owned that. So he made at least fifty percent of the total prophets of that. And the second one. So we didn't need that money. Would you have sex with him that character, I would have sex with that character? Not now, then what kind of bar? Do you think he'd beat him in because there's a quite a bar scene in crocodile Dundee, really? There's a horrible bar scene in cargo. But I think in the you know, if I was in the outback. Yeah. Like in a you know in kind of a dusty saloon or something and crocodile Dundee walked in. I'd let them throw it on me. But if you would if you bumped into him like on a busy street in New York City. When he's still the fish out of water. It's the summer. He's wearing a vest with. No starting. He's got the knife. I'd still probably hook up with him. Yeah. Totally. I mean, you know, I it during that era. Yeah. He was really hot. Yeah. I bet his as penises is is very like hard and hot hard and hot. So you're saying it's very very. Do you think? Do you think he takes the Alice?.

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