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Oh man Toxic by Britney Spears just out in the nights, on offense. Just singing do we know what kind of puppy? It is it looks, sort of I doesn't say. For sure it just kind of looks like. A, mutt Oh And really like a medium sized. Dog, oh that is talent in your dog seeing Britney. Spears I, mean I love my, dogs but they. Can't. No Is fantastic. Day keeled say really ended with something at least fun yeah yeah. Yeah, it'd be Arthur wrote to a raccoon and your. Zombie outbreak, dead raccoon story she, titled the worst story You're welcome Ready better for some of them. Blamed on Blame me I sent that one story ever Yeah Hey Sherri. Shepherd switching gears a little. Bit Sherri shepherd was on Andy Cohen last night while we were all sleeping and I didn't know they were doing. This I'll let Sherry, explained but I guess there is a book coming out that excites me here is here's the little caller from the from the the. Listener take a listen to this. Donna Where are you calling Hey my name's Tara I'm calling. From, central. New York hey? Tara what's your question My, question. Is for Sherry Sherry are the rumors? True that you're writing a tell all memoir about, your time on the view. If not everybody is involved so it's. Not only me it's joy it's I think everybody except Elizabeth and Jenny McCarthy, have contributed to the book but there is a. Tell all in the war Oh wow Like your own oral history of the view kind of it is it's. Our own it's our all of our views in one book about what. Went on so. It is we. Didn't hold we didn't have. Any. Bars hold talk. To Rosie did I talk? To, Rosie I think so every oh I think Lizzie engineer McCarthy probably are the. Only, two. That didn't contribute? Oh yeah why didn't they? You know why they. Didn't Jedi didn't have a great Ginny, I'm sure she, said she didn't have a great time on. The view and bid her departures I don't think she wanted to although. We, we. It would be? Really fun to have both I want. To read that book yes that, show what did how did you see it's going to get though I think it's going to. Be juicy I really do I'm, the fact that, Sherry referred to it as no holds barred I think they're speaking freely I really do Though the, show you know if I'm being brutally honest I don't want people to watch. It because I go up. Against my show But people hey it's doing well this season Oh I can't stand that, show, I, watch it every day only because, well, Hello our show. And I But That show fascinates. Me I used to watch it. Lex you, know I did that great experiment where I watched it every single day in Barbara Walters last, season and, I it's been a. Source it's been a source of fascination because of all the drama surrounding, it and the fact that look drama, aside you gotta give credit where Credit's due Barbara Walters and Bill. Gettys the creators of that, show they launched a whole new genre of television and that is that has touched almost every facet of. TV and what I mean by that is putting a group of people around the table and giving their. Opinions it look at every look at every local news. Station, now look.

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