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Here's an a grown hitting to twenty two six for twenty seven. A Homer three runs batted in Gerardo working in short sleeved looking for career win number one hundred twenty two and his pitches. A little bit low for ball one game. Brought to you by Chuck talk to see knows and resorts go all in. The one for me, and that is high in inside, it's two balls. And no strikes. March twenty eighth opening day next year Rangers and the cubs. First homestand has the cubs and Astros. And that pitch is a strike to and one the first spring training game scheduled for February twenty third between the Rangers and the royals in surprise to and one and that is low three balls in a strike. David Fritos, the on deck batter to apps nobody on here in the second scoreless game and the pitches. High ball for the Mariners get their second base runner of the game. Heredia led off in the first with a double. So in a grown is on and free. This is coming up eating two nine with a Homer in four runs batted in. The Yankees took the drama at aveer pursuit of the home. Run record yesterday. They hit a couple and they've got a new home run record with two hundred sixty six this year. Two more than the ninety seven. Mariners had. That really much of interest in that Yankees Red Sox game. Although the Red Sox are winning four nothing after winning the runners go in with two outs the pitches. Taken the throw by Peres and at second.

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