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To work today. I swell got some split into. He said, well, you might wanna call California. Okay. Why would we wanna call California law enforcement officials in Illinois, Indiana and California say they've never met a suspect who documented his killing, so thoroughly? He recalls everything from where and how he shot each victim down to the clothes. They were wearing one officer says he sounded like a novelist. It was like the details as much as his victims were the trophies your yellow submits to the slayings of eight women going back to college student. Robin, Bradley in nineteen eighty six more than eleven years had passed since then and your yellows was finally behind bars. But the legal saga that followed lasted another twenty one years survivor of a serial killer speaks out. K murdered at least eight women, but she escaped now she's preparing to face them again, in court, CBS news, Tom waits down with her joins us for this interview. We're talking in the break such a powerful interview at this woman. Her story is very intense. Jennifer Asmundsson says she's ready for years to confront the man who tried to kill her, but delays in the legal process have dragged on for years, almost twenty four years to the month since early Alice tried to sexually assault and ultimately kill Asmundsson. She is still seeking Justice trial date was set for this week. And then another delay. So frustrating, it's so frustrating because I always get told that it's going to happen. He was convicted of the murders in Illinois back in two thousand two and later extradited to California where he's been awaiting trial ever since it's just ridiculous. How long it's taking said wants to receive a death penalty. But she's worried. It will be repealed. This November voters will decide on prop sixty two which could end it. And it's for why this has been so delayed. It's just routine legal motions on both sides, after his arrest in nineteen Ninety-seven legal and political debates delay the Andrew yellow trial opening for four years in two thousand one the trial for the murders of two of the three wolf lake victims, you're lucky and Huber begins at the time the question is whether or not your yellow should be punished with the death penalty and on may thirtieth two thousand to the decisive answer is. Yes. But less than one year later, a study by Northwestern University, Illinois determines that some death row inmates had been innocent, and therefore, all one hundred sixty seven people sentenced to death, including your yellows would have their sentences commuted to life in prison, April twenty fourth two thousand four the proceedings begin for Cassandra Corum, the third will flake victim here. You're yellows pleads guilty claiming he was mentally ill. The judge nonetheless, re sentences Yeary Alice to death on may tenth two thousand four, but seven years later on March, ninth, two thousand eleven today in this room, under the watchful eye of president ABRAHAM LINCOLN by a constitutional majority of the members elected to the general assembly in buying my actions, as governor, we have abolished the death. Penalty in Illinois the land of Lincoln, this was the most difficult decision that I've made as governor, it was made after many days and nights of reflection and review, it became law today, with my signature also commuted the sentences of fifteen members of death row who were convicted and sentenced to death. I believe it. We abolish the death penalty in Illinois. We should abolish it for everyone. Lives on October sixth two thousand eleven year yellow arrives at the Orange County jail where the district attorney intends to prosecute him for all five California murders. According to the DA's press release your yellow is eligible for the death penalty seven more years of legal battles, follow until may twenty third two thousand eighteen when you're jealous is convicted of all five murders to understand the evil. This man has committed put yourself in Jack Riley shoes. More than thirty years ago, his then twenty three year old daughter, Robin Braendli became the serial killers first known victim. Her father had to listen to the details while sitting just feet away from the killer in court.

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