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Was going to be moved to Rikers island. Currently is in a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania to wake island in New York, which is so dangerous. He's going to be held in solitary confinement for his own protection off of the crime of working for the Trump campaign. That's exactly what this, you know what I mean. I mean he was he was charged with the real crime. But the only way that they got there was, hey, let's go after the Trump able. If they had not gone after the Trump people he would have been fine. I will you'll be pleased to know that New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio and also a sad camp said candidate for the democratic nomination for twenty twenty who has no chance of ever winning assured us that Paul Manafort will get no special treatment beyond basic security measures at Rikers island. Yeah. He he's getting a former special treatment, he's been thrown in solitary, he's going to be treated as humanely as possible, like any other inmate in would have the same rights and responsibilities. Obviously, there are safety questions that have to be attended to. So he's so as you said, he's going to be put in solitary for his safety measures, but would no reason as to why is being moved to records which is a hell hole. It's so bad, that black lives matter, activists, Shaun king is defending Manafort and say, why are you doing this to this guy? I've, here's I have a question about this. Why is Paul Manafort? I realize there's anything directors. But why the solitary thing like now normally solitary confinement as we said yesterday when we I had heard about this punitive. Like, of course like Heathrow solitaire. You wanna make the miserable twenty four hours or something to punish them or or longer. I mean it's like it's, it's psychologically draining. Why, why would this protect them? Why is it for his own safety? Why isn't everybody in Rikers in solitary like is Paul Manafort uniquely at risk of being injured or hurt in, in Rikers, they do because of his connection to the president, that he would be? So that's an interesting thing. So why do they why do they think that why do they think that his connection to the president makes him a more likely target because we're back to Democrats believe their support criminals are all of our supporters of Democrats member, their base a criminals. That's why they want people in prison to be able to vote to me. It seems like the logical conclusions. All of this is like the way the media and, and, and sort of all the media specially has treated this president. They've already conditioned like the general public and prisoners specifically, I guess, to think of Trump and anybody associated with him as like, you know, Satan incarnate. Right. So. Humanize them to that extent. So this is kind of a product of the way that our press has treated Trump. Now they have to throw Paul Manafort in solitary when he arrived at Rikers for his own protection. It's a self fulfilling processes are a world. Well, Shaun king tweeted out. He said, I see people excited to see Paul Manafort sent to Rikers island and put in solitary confinement. One Rikers island should be closed down to solitary confinement. Should be ended. We must be so principled in our calls for reform that we want them, even for our enemies. Amen. Rikers island known for if, if you're not familiar with it brutal violence corruption gangs, some of the most most notorious criminal son is Sam Mark, David Chapman, they may who shot John Lennon. It's, it's just crazy. He also added it may be exciting to see someone of privilege being sent to a place where hundreds of thousands of us have been sent to, but it is still a hell hole that no one should have to go to even Paul Manafort. Alan Dershowitz, has a piece in FOX in the business section of peace, FOX dot com. Fox's commisson whatever the reason for the transfer. It seems like the selective application of the law for partisan purposes. The tactic of squeezing a potential witness by making his imprisonment unbearably harsh is generally reserved for mafioso terrorists, and other violent criminals who may have evidence against their bosses. I'm just glad to see that the government. It has made sure to treat him well throughout this process, obviously, to give him his just punishment. But at every step, they've made sure Paul Manafort was handled appropriately. The Justice is blind that it's not just out to hurt. You is not out to kick your door in at six o'clock in the morning and come rating, your house with guns is not to throw you on Rikers and solitary confinement. Offer the sin of working for Trump a weight. That's exactly what happened to Paul Manafort throughout this process. Dershowitz saying, this may actually even be illegal, what they're doing. So I I, I don't understand this and this is scary. Everyone listening to this, this is this should frighten. Everyone who knows that this is happening because this is wrong on every level. And you know what I would love to see that afford sue for, for a partisan treatment? But what is happening to him because it's really wrong. They're going to break this man or going to kill the Bill bar. Better. Get to the bottom of it. All I love to see some results from that.

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