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For details coming up on wmal well mark helprin loses egg hey showtime fell michael on without him as the united fan it also halloween here it did with a little leftover handy discussion about that you could just dropped out here it's 530 wmal these is next on wsb washington redskins game 105 six thirty un a l a cumulus station wmal news at five thirty good morning i'm bill thompson paul manafort in rick dates remain under house arrest today after pleading not guilty to charges brought by special counsel robert muller and the probe is far from over special counsel certainly hasn't made any conclusions there as to whether there is collusion or coordination whatever you call it and it hasn't identified these court documents these conversations or emails specifically in so many words as evidence of collusion correspondent jim shiro as for president trump meanwhile we know that he spent hours in the residence of the white house not in the oval office but in the residents watching all this unfold on television i'm told he was seething at these reports that's in the words of someone who spoke to him they said as he was watching all of this he was expecting some kind of indictment on manafort for this papa dopoulos things surprised him entirely correspondent jeff selomy the former director of security at a montgomery county high school we'll be going to prison for eighteen months for the sexual abuse of a student prosecutors said fifth fifty eight year old marqui andsocial worked at richard montgomerie high school in rockville gave a 17yearold girl gift swelling gauging in a sexual relationship with her montgomery county council president roger berliners asking maryland governor larry hogan for more money for school construction we have so much more that needs to be done and quite frankly are county cannot do this alone we need more from the state we need more from the governor winners letter hogan asks for an increase in school construction by at least one hundred million dollars in the governor's proposed fiscal nineteen capital budget checking your money the dow opens today of 23 three forty nine the nasdaq at sixty six ninety nine sport sponsored by lifelock the chief speak the broncos on buddy not football's world series game six tonight with the astra's.

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