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Good news. As you know, we've been covering this You know, release of sexually violent predators. These are not just sex offenders. These are the worst of the worst. They sexually violent predators with mental illness, a pattern of habitual abuse. On the use of violence in their crimes. They wanted to put Doug Badger and moral Wakefield in a home in a residential community. Out in alcohol in the Mount Helix area. We've been fighting this every step of the way. In the case of Doug Badger, the judges not yet ruled. We're hoping that the judge will rule against him being released and put in that community. But today at a San Diego in a San Diego courtroom A judge decided to block the release of moral Wakefield, saying that the site was totally inappropriate. And it's AH big victory today for public safety. Sarah Thompson has been working on this with us. She's an activist that has organized public outcry. She's been on the show a number of times talking about this, and she joins us for a little bit of a victory dance here, Sarah, We're all feeling really, really good. What was your reaction when the judge said Okay, That's it. I agree with the with the public. We're not gonna do this. Oh, gosh, Carl. Honestly, The first thing I did was just burst into tears. I think it's just It's been so emotionally draining and taxing, and just I mean, we've been fighting for, like, almost six weeks to stop this, and I just Just start crying. I mean, it's tears of joy, but also just I can't believe this is still actually going on. Yeah, well, it is still going on because we still don't have the other judge weighing in on the placement of Doug Badger. The judge. In that case, I decided to take a little bit of time to think about things. What's interesting here, though, is that with one judge already ruling the site inappropriate for the placement of a sexually violent predator. I don't see how we judge in the same court system can then make a contrary ruling neck. That's what my gut tells me. That's what common sense would tell us. But we are talking about California courts. What are you hearing? What do you feeling? What are people saying about the other judge it and perhaps he would take take the lead from this ruling today. I think we're thinking the same thing you are. But again, you know, you just don't know I I honestly don't know why it's taken this long. Maybe he didn't want to influence the second judge. And, you know, we kind of kept thinking. Maybe he's just really reviewing. No. We sent thousands of opposition letter. So you know, maybe he was really reviewing everything I don't know. I'm praying that he is really took. It took today's judgment into account and he's going to come out maybe today and say, you know, I agree. Just honestly never know. And but we're prepared either way, if he says no. Then we're preparing a huge block party. And if he says yes, but it's okay to place them. Then we're gonna hire an attorney and fight this till the end. That's right. Because we've already raised the issue that the county of San Diego was negligent in doing. It's legally required reviews on the placement of the sexually violent predators. We have that we have them dead to rights. They didn't do what they were supposed to do. But the only way to enforce that is for citizens to them, You know, collect money to hire a lawyer and file a lawsuit to force the county to do what it was supposed to do and see if we can get It's actually violent predator removed from the community, But in the meantime it it may very well be that Doug Badger that sexually violent predator could end up being in the community for a period of time. While we're fighting it out in court, and nobody wants that. No. And how unfortunate for us. I'm sorry to say, but I mean, you know, it's like, what did we do to have to deserve this? It's you know, we have to fight this. We don't have any other option. Unfortunately, like you wake up in your whole world is just completely turned upside down. And you have to just be prepared to go to battle and and women were willing to do that. But it's really sad that your whole life kind of has to be put on pause. We have come up with money to do this. We have to pay attorneys that this is the case. It's all because you know what the county didn't follow the laws and individual liberty. They've been probably done this plenty of times, do I? I bet you this is just the beginning. Karl. If you really dug into more of this stuff that liberty's done, I can guarantee they probably done this several other times. There's no doubt in my mind, there's no doubt in my mind that they've cut corners. To them to help with the public safety. Let's just make a buck on putting sexually violent predators in the community, and these landlords are the same way they don't care about the safety of their neighbors. They just say, Hey, let's bring these people and I could make a buck off my property. Who cares? On D County by not doing its job knows that, uh the only thing to stop them would be a lawsuit, which means The members of the public have to pay for the legal fees. They have to be the ones to mount the legal case and and fight it out. And the county knows that. I mean, this is so wrong on so many levels. Yes, either way to taxpayers are getting, you know, start to say this group and it's like, but it's like we don't have an option. There has to be a better way. There needs to be something you know, looked at either legislative or, you know someone a bill. First of all, I I really don't think that the homeowner should be incentivized. If they're going to do this, you know the fact that they could pay $4000 a person. Me is completely absurd, but also that this wouldn't be allowed to be placing these men in a neighborhood. Any neighborhood. You know that this is wrong and all in all the France specks of it. S So what are the next steps were how come people join you? Well, you can join our Facebook group, which is kid Safe. California with post up updates on their will hopefully be posting of maybe a celebratory message that the judge Weathers has come out when opposed the placement of Douglas Badger hopefully soon Join that and really research. You know, the Department of State Hospitals Research Liberty because again we like I've said before. We are the guinea pigs of this can happen to us. They're going to be trying to do this again and in another neighborhood, they can't keep placing them on Lian Hakam Barn on Lee in Campo. They need to find other places because they're being released. These guys are being released. So they're looking to find places to place them. We need to come up with better options as a community as taxpayers. We need to really come together and think about a better place to put these men All right, Sara. I appreciate your leadership on this. We're going to continue to fight on it. We have to make this political unfortunately, because politicians are the ones that are causing this to happen. Wait. We have to force the county to do it's damn job, which again gets back to the politicians. So let's continue to follow this. I'll be on key. You aside tonight talking to their audience about this issue, and we'll be ready to fight tooth and nail and we'll wait for that judge's decision and the Doug Badger case. Thank you, Carl. I appreciate all your help. Absolutely happy to help coming up the top story, with the nation facing skyrocketing inflation and people on welfare, not willing to work. Democrats double down. This is going to get really bad friend, my friends. First traffic in the North County fountain off sewing.

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